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Old Wed 21 December 2011, 16:27
Just call me: Hector #89
Help with PK296A2A-SG7.2 and geckos 203v

Im confused, which color of cables are used with the geckos, i have black to A, green to A-, red to B and blue to B- is this configuration correct?
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Old Thu 22 December 2011, 09:21
Just call me: Mike
South Jordan, UT
United States of America
You've wired the motor in its bipolar serial configuration. You will get better performance if you wire the motor half-coil which is:

Black to A

Yellow to A-

Red to B

White to B-

Half-coil gives you 70% of the torque of a motor wired bipolar serial, but it gives much better speed. Because of the limitations of the gearbox, wiring the motor half-coil will still give the motors all the torque that the gearbox can handle. So, wiring the motor half-coil gives you all the advantages and none of the disadvantages.
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