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Old Tue 27 September 2016, 19:07
Just call me: Angel of the Morning
Denver, Colorado
New Build in Denver, CO

Hello -

I first came across this forum back in about 2010 when I was first contemplating building a CNC for a sign business that I owned at the time. I was immediately hooked and was 100% certain that I was going to go through with the build. So certain, in fact, that I began selling CNC jobs before I had the machine made...

Long story shortened significantly - I found myself in a pinch and needed a CNC much faster than I thought I could build one. I found a ShopBot on Craigslist and had it shipped out to me. It was an old wood frame table that shook, rattled and rolled - but it did make acceptable product for me and the thought of building a Mech Mate faded away over the years.

I sold that business in 2014 and swore I would never own my own business again because of the incredible amount of time and effort that I was spending for what seemed like very little reward.

Fast forward to present day. I moved 1000 miles from my old business and I tried the 9 to 5 thing. I found it unfulfilling as opposed to owning my own shop. So I, in June of 2015, started a small company that was going to "outsource everything" and I was just going to run the business.

Now we're getting busier and I find myself wanting to take certain projects on "in-house" to help the profit margins. Mostly though - I enjoy actually crafting items myself and I enjoy having full control of fabrication processes from start to finish - most of the time.

I was looking at new CNC tables to purchase and in doing so remembered this forum, and, once back here, knew that I was going to build the table I had wanted to build years ago.

So - here I am.

I have a tendency to overbuild things and always want to add every possible feature to things I make. I have a lot of "just in case one day I may want to..." thoughts.

As it stands right now - I think that I am looking to have a machine that will have a cutting area of 76" x 168". Since the plans are in metric I figured I might as well bump that up to 2000mm (78.7") x 5000mm (196.8"). (Regularly I process 72-76" polycarbonate and acrylic sheets so the size is - believe it or not - justified. *wink* *wink* -- I'd agree though that the length is probably too much...That said - "one day I might want to......")

This machine will be spindle driven and will more than likely be laid out for use with an indexer. I'd love an ATC but the cost may be prohibitive of such grandeur. We'll see. I will be doing 3D work with this machine as well so I have plans of raising the gantry a little bit to accommodate some of the projects that I anticipate cutting "one day". LoL!

The machine will be housed in an industrial complex - I have space for it. Just not a way to process large beams of steel "C" channel as of yet. I have some specs laid out for using C12x20.7 -or- C12x25 for the X-Rails but no real way of effectively working with that kind of weight. So I suppose an overhead electric chain hoist is deemed nessecary - probably two of them....

I have questions already - but am going to take time to really get a thorough understanding of the plans and continue looking around at some builds before I go asking stuff that has been answered in detail.

This will be a slow build - but I wanted to stop being a "lurker" and at least say "Hi" and actually begin making this idea real by writing it out.

I thank you for the time and effort all of you have already put into this site, the plans and the knowledge base that I have the opportunity to browse through. Furthermore, I'd like to thank you in advance for all of the time and assistance I know that you'll be to me during my build.

Until Next Time!
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Old Wed 28 September 2016, 17:19
Just call me: Pete #98
South-Central Pennsylvania
United States of America
Welcome Angel
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Old Thu 29 September 2016, 06:28
Just call me: John #26
Hebron, Ohio
United States of America
Welcome Angel. You've certainly laid out some impressive goals. As for metric vs "English", I found that a "mix" worked well for me. This was mostly driven by the fact that SAE bolts, nuts, washers and screws are more available and cheaper than Metric in the US. I soon found that conversion from one to the other was second nature.

Good luck on your build. We're here to help when you need it.
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Old Wed 08 February 2017, 14:17
Dumitru Ivanov
Just call me: Muresului 9
The mix works just fine for me as well.
I was never able to decide.
Wall Panels Company
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