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Old Sat 16 October 2010, 15:12
Just call me: David
United States of America
PMDX-135-5020 power supply

Is the PDMX-135-5020 a decent and acceptable power supply, or should I look into the building of my supply as many on here have done? My setup will be 34HS9801 Steppers running at 50V, not sure about the amps yet, but these motors are rated at 4A.

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Old Sat 16 October 2010, 21:19
Just call me: Brad #10
United States of America
<chuckle> Yes.

As in: yes, the PMDX-135-5020 is a decent and acceptable power supply, and, yes, you should look into the building of your supply.

One of the wonderful aspects of the MM is that you can dig down into as many details as you choose. You will likely save a few dollars and learn both some new theory and new skills if you built your own supply. However, in the grand scheme of things, especially if you place any significant value on your own time, buying the supply can make sense too.

So, figure out whether this is about the journey or the destination, and choose whichever works for you with a clear conscience.

Note, for the record, that the PMDX-135-5020 is not a complete power supply; you will still need to furnish and wire the transformer. So you'll still be about a third of the way to building your own supply from scratch anyway.
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Old Sun 17 October 2010, 07:27
Just call me: Mike
South Jordan, UT
United States of America
I've been using the PMDX-135-8020 power supply on my test bench for years. It has performed flawlessly. (Some of my tests required more than 50V, so I needed the 80V model.)

On the other hand, I've built and used several power supplies from scratch that work just as well. The problem that I have is finding good large capacitors. Those that are readily available are the 'snap-cap' kind that are designed to be soldered into a circuit board. Getting a prototype circuit board made costs more than buying the PMDX-135 power supply. I've resorted to mounting the 'snap-caps' upside down so that I could run wire between the terminals, but my hold-down system for th 'snap-caps' looks like a home-made after-thought.
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