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Old Sat 23 May 2009, 14:19
Just call me: ralph
United Kingdom

Hi Gerald, hi all.
A newly developing site, shopbot meets ponoko:
Looks interesting. Comments?
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Old Sat 06 June 2009, 14:43
Just call me: Jack
Nashville (Tennessee)
United States of America ?

I think it is great, but kind of leaves out non-ShopBotters.

It would be great if we could come up with something that would allow
'makes' and 'fabbers' (like MechMaters, ShopBotters, and smaller format
routers, even the CNC plasma cutters, laser cutters,etc) to all do something

With a 'standard format' like

Subject: Wanted Fabber to cut MDF
Envelope 4'x4'x1"
DXF file available
Contact: or 202-345-6789
Area: near Washington DC
Shipping: pickup preferred.
Payment: 50% down, 50% on delivery

Subject: Wanted Fabber to cut lexan
Envelope: 2"x2"x.25" - 50 pieces needed
FAX or sketch available of artwork
Contact: 222.555.1212 or
Shipping: Post to Seatle WA USA area
Payment: check or paypal

Subject: Wanted Maker for wood routing, MDF, oak
Envelope: 4'x8'x4"
V-carved signs, straight cut parts w/ .25" router bit
Artwork: DXF preferred, g-code accepted but may be edited.
2 weekend turnaround
Finishing: available for extra fee and time
Shipping: pickup, or UPS only
Payment: 50% paypal or cash up front, 25% on
completion, 25% on delivery. Initial payment after art/file review.
contact: call 432.234.5432 or email

posted on a free forum like CraigsList since it seems to be
geographically based, but could be posted anywhere

... Just a thought.
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Old Sun 07 June 2009, 00:59
Just call me: Doug #3
Conway (Arkansas)
United States of America
That's a great idea Ralph.

I've got a buddy with lots of ideas and he doesn't mind paying a fair price but he complains that he can't find anyone to do the stuff for him. Most of it is either carbon fiber related or CNC on aluminum stuff - bicycle parts. This is the kind of site he needs.

Good luck with it.
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