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Old Fri 02 August 2013, 18:09
Just call me: wiggs
New Zealand
Stepper Motor - Controller & Driver all in one!?

Hey All,

Am in the process of making the big decision when I stumbled across these motors! More so out of curiosity but is a motor like this, or something similar appropriate for the MechMate?

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Old Fri 02 August 2013, 22:07
Just call me: Ross #74
These motors are 5 phase motors and the Mechmates usually use either 2 or 4 phase motors.
The smaller step angle of the 5 phase motors makes for a smoother motor and can result in more usable torgue than an equivalent size two phase motor.
The down side is that the low voltage signal wires will need long runs to make it to the drive and may be more prone to signal interference unless adequate shielding has been incorporated.

In summary their is no reason why a correctly sized motor/ drive combination would not work.
They would probably be more expensive than a standard 2/4 phase motor.

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Old Sat 03 August 2013, 04:29
Just call me: Ross #74
I checked further into the Oriental Motor product line up and there are no motors large enough to run the Mechmate.
These motors are tiny, the BIG one is 0.83 Nm and you will be needing around 4 Nm.

Best to read to get a idea of the size and types of motors commonly used before looking further afield.

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Old Sat 03 August 2013, 08:07
Just call me: Mike
South Jordan, UT
United States of America
Oriental Motor has the RK596AAE motor/driver for those who want an AC powered stepper driver. That motor is rated at 290 oz*in and holds its torque very well to 600 RPM. With a 4:1 beltdrive it would jog at 9.8" per second with the motor spinning at 600 RPM. A 4:1 gear ratio would give you about 1,160 oz*in of torque. Of course, with proper ramping, the motor could jog faster than that. The price is $586, which is almost 2X more expensive than a PK296-F4.5 motor and a G201x stepper driver.

A larger RK599AAE sells for $652.80. Both motors have controllers that have adjustable step angles.

Personally, I prefer to use Geckodriver stepper drivers with Oriental Motor stepper motors. They are inexpensive and reliable. But, for those who want to buy parts from a single supplier, it is something to consider.
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