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Old Fri 19 January 2007, 14:30
Arthur Ransom
Just call me:
I offered to build and update a parts list for MechMate. Gerald's thought it was a great idea for someone else to do. Here are the initial perameters. Send information to me,, include country, vendor, price, vendor web site etc. If possible MechMate part number involved. Also any sugestions appreciated as this may get involved with all the countries involved. Make prices in local country and USD?
Old Sat 20 January 2007, 06:46
Arthur Ransom
Just call me:
Started parts list at
As a retired network administrator I have a security phobia and don't want acess to any location I don't absolutly need. For that reason I don't want acess to put it on the MechMate site but if you want to copy to site be my guest.
Old Sat 20 January 2007, 09:32
Just call me:
Arthur, I fully support your effort to build a vendor & parts list. I have become a bit lazy to make this list due to many factors, the main one being that such lists end up being very specific to a country and my particular country/experience is not mainstream.

Particularly because of the regional variations, I believe such a list needs to be in spreadsheet format so that each user can tailor their list to suit their home conditions.

But don't let that stop you from gathering whatever info you can, and actually publishing something that I am too lazy to do!
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