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Old Thu 22 July 2010, 06:09
Just call me: Astrolavista
I use Vetric Aspire, auto slices, manual paneling.

The foam is a light weight EPS Foam similar to what you would find at Home Depot, Coated with Styro Spray to give it a hard coat.
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Old Sun 25 July 2010, 08:25
Just call me: David
Beautiful work Astroloavista, how long does it take to paint one of those signs? Do you have any tricks for painting the raised lettering quickly?
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Old Mon 02 August 2010, 19:02
Just call me: Rene #29
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Sorry no quick tricks, I paint them by hand and it is very time consuming..
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Old Fri 13 August 2010, 14:58
Just call me: Trillo
Santa Catarina
Hello everyone, just got here and I am already impress with the results of this bill, great work. Hopefully I will be able to build one as well. Congrats once again, and now let me learn where should I start
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