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Old Mon 12 August 2013, 17:00
Just call me: Hurshy
Riverview, Florida
United States of America
Contactor Questions

I am In the process of wiring the control box. I started by hooking up the power supply to a power source and voila I get 48vdc. I am happy. I the put on the fuse block that came with the power supply. I get 48vdc again good news. Then the main power switch. Then I connected the contactor. As I see it you connect 120vac to the coil and as long as the coil has an applied voltage the switch is basically in "on" and voltage flows to next device which is the transformer. Ok, I unplug the electric cord to simulate a power failure and the contactor coil drops out and the unit is now without power. This of course is what is suppose to happen. but, I plug the cord back in and everything has power again. I was thinking that this device was designed to prevent a completed circuit from happening and that I would have to do something manually to rest the system. any ideas?
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Old Mon 12 August 2013, 17:13
Just call me: Brad #10
United States of America
I assume you mean something like a standard "start stop contactor circuit" (that search should get you plenty of results, like this one. You've got it so far, but you need to add stop buttons ( normally closed ) and/or start buttons (normally open) if that's the behavior you want.

Alternatively, you may want the main power switch to feed the contactor coil, so that turning it on and off controls the contactor. What behavior would you like it to have?
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