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Old Sun 18 January 2009, 21:30
Just call me: imvusa
am new on routers can you help me?

hi am new on routers i want to buy a used and good router i dont care if the router is old just need one for my small sign shop. somebody sell me this router on ebay and this is the specs.
3 axis stepper motor controlled cnc table we acquired about 6 years ago from a defunct
hi tech development company (are there any left?). It was and is a Gerber photoplot unit that one
of the engineers converted to cnc milling/cutting/engraving by removing the photo beam Table frame is 58" w x 47.5" d x 26" t and is of 2" x 2" welded square steel tubing with cover
plates that attach with velcro....lots of storage under the main working top unit. The vacuum
blower is also inside the bottom frame in an enclosed area.

The top cnc unit features fully supported .75" dia round rails and .2" pitch ball screws in the X and
Y axis, powered by frame 34 Vexta stepper motors. The vacuum table top is of hard rubber with
lots of small holes for vacuum hold down. Vac table is 22"w x 18"d. We fabricated an aluminum
22.25"w x 23.5"d x .75"
The Z axis is a very nice Parker precision linear slide, dual 20mm THK rails and a .2" pitch ballscrew
down the center. Travel is 6". Onto the carriage plate is mounted a Ametek dc servo motor, 60 volt/2.1 amp and
this coupled to the Taige spindle via tooth belt and pullys. The Bodine speed controllers outputs 0 -
100vdc/2.4 amps and features a relay that can start and stop the spindle from software i/o's.

what do you think about this router for $1500 plus shipping?

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Old Sun 18 January 2009, 21:59
Just call me: Jack
Nashville (Tennessee)
United States of America
Looks good, depending on what you want to do with it.
For a learning machine, it is pretty good. Looks like some kind of an 'engraving machine' to me.

If you are after a MM style machine, this one won't cut mustard. But for lots of engraving and learning, it might be OK.

What is the Z axis travel. Looks limited to me, so check out what you plan on doing before you buy.
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Old Mon 19 January 2009, 01:31
Just call me: imvusa

the travel is 6´s the owner say they change and cut and engraving

you think is good price $1500? what kinda software can buy and where¨?
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