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Old Sat 21 April 2012, 06:30
Just call me: Axel
Why single V guide on machines ?

Hi all,

On another forum, a member noticed that on wetalwork precision machines,
there's often a single V-rail guide :

It's been told that it's to keep a smooth motion when the metal dilates.
I think it may help to reduce vibrations too.

In your opinion, what are the reasons why a single V-rail would by wrong for the mechmate ?

First, maybe it would be more difficult to get a straight plane on a side while V-rail is easy to make.

What to you think ?
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Old Sat 21 April 2012, 08:29
Gerald D
Just call me: Gerald (retired)
Cape Town
South Africa
A lathe like that has most of the cutting force pressing down on the one rail with the V top.
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Old Sat 21 April 2012, 18:59
Just call me: Axel
Thanks Gerald, you're right indeed.
There's CNC also builded with a single V-rail, like Thenson ones, for example.
I notices all have large V-rails.

I thought a single guide may carry all of the forces, so it must be bigger.
on the MechMate the two rails divide forces by 2 rails then by 2 bearings,
so the forces can be hold by lighter parts.

Otherhand, a single rail might be squared more easily, maybe...

Anyway I keep on dissuade this guy to put a single rail on his "hybrid mechmate type"...
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Old Sun 22 April 2012, 10:04
Just call me: ecki
hi axel,
dont want to upset u, but mechmates just like they are, proof to be reliable under production conditions all over the world. off course u could discuss all eventualities and possible alterations for the next few years or...just get started and build one!
i mean questions like: why putting two wings on airbus and not one really s..k!
u got the plans? yes? u read forum about details? yes? so please, get along with mechmate or...!
most guys here build proven concept cause they use machine to earn a living...
dont mean to be rude guys but...just cant read this any more!
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Old Sun 22 April 2012, 13:50
Just call me: Axel
Hi ecki,

Truely, the systematic kick-out to CNC zone is unfriendly, and pretty boring indeed.
People are of various kind, and may not do like you wanted them to do...
It would be good not to judge them too fast.

You get me wrong. I already know all you said.
I just report a question from another forum which I cannot awnser.
This question does not concern my build.
Understand a lot of people is interested in MechMate.
Most of them are not good enough with english to read this forum,
and get the crucial information. So they try something they consider "close",
and call it "mechmate". Worst of all, other people give bad advices without any
knowledge of the MechMate principles. (Like a single V-guide)
I just try my best to help them and prevent big mistakes (often dangerous ones).
When I guess the advice is wrong but I cannot explain why,
the best thing to do is to ask here why it's wrong.
That's all I did.

Once for all, I'm not in the experimentation now.
I would realy build a regular MechMate, with very light changes
(already done by respected members) no invention, no problem.
A MechMate that I could be proud of, which can win a regular number.
A MechMate with no defaults, if possible.

I'm on my MechMate build at my own rythm.
Some people can run to build one without thinking.
I can't. I need time. If it's not a major sin here.

First, Machining is new to me, I've got no background with Milling or CNC machines.
Second, the good understanding of things takes time.
I think I understood the most important with structure, guidage and transmission.
I need to read more about steppers and belt reductions,
to understand how those things works together.
There's still a lot to understand with the controlers and the spindle.
All that take time to me, especialy in technical English,
I often need to read several times to be sure to get the deep meaning.

Meanwhile, I practise welding and metal working.
I studdy the (old version) plans.
I have no other schedule than to build well my MechMate... Someday.
If you don't mind
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Old Sun 22 April 2012, 15:20
normand blais
Just call me: Normand
Salut axel comment ça va à Paris mon pot. C'est quoi ton site pis le nom de ton ami qui a de la difficulté a fabriquer son MM. On ira lui parler . Tu sais se sera dificile pour toi si tu pose des question pour les autres .J'ai vu des site en français ou apeupres tout ce qui était bleu etait apellé Mechmate.Tu me semble difficile a convaincre ,c'est pas une insulte, je suppose que si tu avait suivi ce site durant des années tu serai rétissant a t'engager dans des discussion qui ont eu lieu plusieur fois.
C'est pas mon cas mais plusieur personnes qui te réponde sont expert ,d'un coup d'oeil ils savent si c'est valable ou non. pas besoin d'insister. C'est drole j'ai été barré aussi ce matin d'un forum d'ébenisterie pour avoir parlé de cnc . Donne moi ton lien je vais aller visiter .
des fois ils disent, less is best
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Old Sun 22 April 2012, 16:44
Just call me: Axel
Salut Normand,
Hélas, les questions récurentes sont inévitables sur les forums.
Je les fréquente assez pour le savoir.
A la fois, c'est symptomatique d'un certain manque d'information.
Je viens de créer un post pour "lister" les "mauvaises bonnes idées" (et les raisons contre) sur le forum MechMate :
Ce serait très parlant pour les inévitables nouveaux arrivants, mais aussi bien plus explicite et constructif que de bouter systématiquement les gens vers CNC zone.

Le site s'appelle
Site francophone plutôt pointu sur tous les usinages, notamment métaux,
avec une inévitable section CNC, avec son public très varié...
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