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Old Tue 18 May 2010, 12:28
Just call me: Vasek
Need Help with Power Supply Selection

Good afternoon!
I apologise that has got into another's theme!
At me a question:

It is required to me запитать 5 motors:
SY85STH156-6204A - 3 pieces (a current of 6,2 amperes)
SY85STH118-6004A - 2 pieces (a current of 6 amperes)
The driver to 80 volt.

Prompt please what transformer to me it is necessary to select for capacity?
As it is correct запитать 5 drivers
If it is possible, draw the scheme.

Yours faithfully Vasily!
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Old Tue 18 May 2010, 17:04
Just call me: Ries #46
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here is the thread that talks about motor selection and calculation : Calculate the Voltage and VA size of the DC power supply for stepper motors/geckos
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Old Wed 19 May 2010, 04:25
Just call me: Mike
South Jordan, UT
United States of America
Because of the motors' inductance, the 80VDC maximum voltage of the stepper driver, you will be limited to 80VDC. A 50VAC transformer will develop 70VDC after rectification. A 55VAC transformer will develop 77VDC after rectification.

The motors will draw a maximum of 30.6A, if they all draw maximum current at the same time. You can probably use a 20A power supply, which is about 66% of 30.6A.

20A X 50VAC = 1,000VA
80,000 X 20A / 50V = 32,000 uF capacitors.

If I were building that power supply, I would use:

1 each 50VAC 1000VA transformer
5 each 6,800uF 160V capacitors (wired parallel)
1 each 400V 50A bridge rectifier

AnTek makes the PS-15N70 that is rated 21-Amps for $210. They also have the PS-10N70 that is rated 14-Amps for $150.
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