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Old Thu 06 August 2015, 11:38
Just call me: Pete #98
South-Central Pennsylvania
United States of America
I did a bolt together design based off of Gerald 's design. All crossbearers bolted to main beams, main beams bolted to side legs and cross supports bolted to the side supports. All with sway bracing. If I need to tear apart, I have 1 gantry, 2 sides, 2 cross supports and 9 crossbearers.
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Old Thu 06 August 2015, 14:54
darren salyer
Just call me: Darren #101
Wentzville mo
United States of America
I don't think anyones upset, AB.
I wish you luck and success.
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Old Fri 07 August 2015, 07:53
Just call me: Brad #10
United States of America
Yep, nobody's upset. I also have a bolt together machine; beams, legs and X axis bracing welded into two long "side" units, Y axis bracing and the first cross bearer welded together into two short "end" units. The four units bolt together, and then the remaining cross bearers ( with the table surface ) bolt onto the main beams.
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Old Fri 07 August 2015, 15:54
Tom Ayres
Just call me: Tom #117
Bassett (VA)
United States of America
Thought I'd chime in at this point. After earlier conversation about the weight I did a quick rough calculation of mine and weigh in at roughly ~2100 lbs + the weight of 10-12 sheets of plywood stored on the shelf below. I originally wanted a bolt together unit but changed my mind for a fixed base and glad I did. It is rock solid (thank to Gerald's design and Darren's overkill build influence) with absolutely no worries about movement even running at 700 ipm (setup has got to be right though). Brad has it right though, if you are going with bolt-together that's probably the best way.
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Old Thu 31 December 2015, 08:23
Just call me: Ray
Tyler, Texas
United States of America
Originally Posted by Bill McGuire View Post
Here in the US, plywood comes in 48" X 96", but Melamine covered particle board is 49" X 97"... don't know why...
The extra is for trimming flush to the board edge. If they were the same size, most would not be able to match the edges up perfectly in a contact cement application.
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