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Old Thu 21 November 2013, 10:24
Just call me: Tech Guy
perth wa
Power supply insulation

hi there

i am newbie to this field of CNC and electronics, below is similar power supply that i use, i would like to know how to permanently insulate the AC part of the power supply?? is there any glue that i can buy. so that ones my wiring is done i could just insulate AC side

thanks in advance

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Old Thu 21 November 2013, 22:17
Just call me: Ken
Don't understand your question.
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Old Fri 22 November 2013, 16:05
Just call me: Fox
Hi Raju,

are you building an MM ? -> a Toroid powersupply is recommended instead of the regulated one you posted. There's a DIY powersupply section on this forum where you can find all info you need.

Not building an MM ? -> Try for better luck.
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Old Fri 22 November 2013, 18:37
Just call me: Danilo #64
Novi Sad
You could use, hot melt plastic gun and pour it over the contacts after you screw down the wires, if you are afraid of something getting in contact with AC clamps
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