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Old Fri 28 June 2013, 21:30
Just call me: Jack
Nashville (Tennessee)
United States of America
Current Preference of Drive?

I don't want to start a holy war, but which is the currently prefered drive method?

- Direct (doesn't seem to be used much)
- Geared (used to be 'best' with motor having enclosed gear train)
- External geared ( DIY gear train to go on a stepper)
- Belted (Geared with belt system)

I am sure all are compromises, but I was wondering which is currently the most popular? Least expensive? "Most" reliable?

I have been lurking a long time but still haven't committed.

Thanks for your input! ... Jack in TN
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Old Fri 28 June 2013, 22:29
Just call me: Ken
Direct drive is the cheapest, easiest & fastest to implement, use by the laziest & cheapest person such as yours faithfully. reliable because there are least parts count.

Belted drive is the most common. When it comes to stepping down, it has the lowest/zero backlash, generates highest output torque & comparatively easy to implement. Mind your, when you build 4 of these belt reduction boxes, the $$ piles up. Reliable because its all over engineered not by choice.

Geared is the most expensive. As easy to implement as the direct drive but it doesn't multiply the motor output torque due to the gearbox limitations. Reliable because you get manufacturer warranty.

External geared are not used as far as I know.

Most reliable??? no winners yet, seems like no Mechmate suffer drive failure so far (apart from loosen grub screws). Might have to wait for another decade to know who went down 1st...
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Old Sat 29 June 2013, 05:59
Just call me: Mike
Columbiana AL
United States of America
Ditto Ken - He covered that great.

If your on the fence just make sure you buy motors that can be upgraded (Belt drive added later) 640oz in motors are the size that are a sweet spot for this method.

But if you plan to do detail work with the machine, all the reseach hear has led to belt drive being the best option from the start.
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Old Sat 29 June 2013, 09:00
Just call me: Jack
Nashville (Tennessee)
United States of America

Ok, Belt Drive it is ... eventually

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Old Sat 29 June 2013, 19:18
Just call me: Al #114
Send a message via Skype™ to lonestaral
Thanks for asking that question Jack.

It is something that I was thinking about.
I will probably start off with Direct drive and see how it goes.
I can always upgrade to Belts later.
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