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Old Mon 13 December 2010, 13:32
Just call me: agfmaquinas
Gecko Problems after Computer Crash

(Moved from motors section)
Hello friends:

I have a CNC router with 4 gecko drives #201.Last week had a ray and burn my computer.I change it and 2 drives for the Y axis dont have signal of direction.The axis work but only in one direction.Any body knows what is going on?
Please sorry about my english.

Marcello from Brasil.
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Old Mon 13 December 2010, 17:00
Just call me: Brad #10
United States of America

The problem could be with the direction signal between your computer and the gecko drive, or with driving the coils of the motor.

I think it is much more likely that the problem is in the direction signal from your computer. This could be because the parallel port in the computer is not outputting the signal, or because the breakout-board ("BOB", maybe you have a PMDX-xxx?) also got burned, and isn't sending the signal to the gecko. Finally, it could be because the input on the G201 got burned and isn't working any more.

You should measure the voltage at the G201 between pin 8 and pin 1. It should change when you change directions. If it does, the G201 has a problem. If it doesn't, the BOB or the computer has a problem.
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