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Old Wed 19 May 2010, 06:50
Just call me: alex
MM Amazonas/Venezuela

Good day, Gerald, I am fascinated by the amount of chances that allow a GM, thank you for those contributions, gave me the support I need to start to create my monster, little by little for the inconvenience that occurs in my country, besides the location of the area where I live in the Venezuelan Amazon, you sell the kit allows me to work on a machine that measures, as is its weight, the volume is, I want my GM to cut and carved from hardwood and MDF, would be to make kitchen cabinets and libraries, entertainment center, etc. save the amount of problems first by language (English), and second trials and error, I can tell me if this model would solve the problem of so many connections, besides having the option of a fourth axis, this is the link http: / / / product.aspx? C = 3 & i = 14469, as to which engine would you recommend this link and if you need to have boxes all engines, apology so much abuse but it is a new world and a new goal in my life that have inspired you as the other members of the group of truth, many, many thanks and excuse the English, greeting. The Forum is some Venezuelan completed his MM alla, please help.
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