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Old Tue 26 October 2010, 19:42
Just call me: Russell #69
Mobile, Alabama
United States of America
Shop Security Ideas

Lets face it we have something that others dont have. Rather than work for it like most of us these scum find it easier just to take it from us. So lets get some ideals together and help each other out.

To get things started. I alway padlock my garage door threw the tracks. I know this sound silly but see what this guy can do
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Old Tue 26 October 2010, 21:06
Just call me: Heath
Cornwall, Ontario
Guard Dogs
Motion Lights inside and out
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Old Wed 27 October 2010, 06:23
Just call me: Pablo
Buenos Aires
One idea is to weld some non designed attachment, say a bolt or something in a clearly visible place, so in case the thieves turn online for build help you would recognize your machine. But I guess as cars, stolen machines are sold by the piece...

Insurance, monitored alarm w/motion sensors and good locks are the only solution...

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Old Wed 27 October 2010, 14:29
Just call me: Travis #75
United States of America
One thing you can do is to either zip-tie or wire the latch in the up position so that these theives can't get in as easy. Quick and easy...
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Old Wed 27 October 2010, 15:36
Just call me: edgey
PIR connected to smoke alarm, while people will ignore or complain about a standard alarm every body come to look when they hear smoke alarm. I got this idea from the Siliconchip Mag it was easy and scares the "becrikey" out of me when I forget to turn it off.
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Old Wed 27 October 2010, 16:13
Just call me: Mike
Columbiana AL
United States of America
I am reluctant to tell what I have, but to be sure I have seen that roll doors can be opened very easily if one really wants in.

So I agree with the others on alarms and motion sensors. Pretty easy stuff for us types to install. Maybe need to make that part of the specs.

Some things to consider,

No windows in the walls (Or bars on windows at least) (expanded metal and angle works good also). We have welders

Steel Door with latch cover or whole jamb covered with a piece of steel bolted to the door with carriage bolts to keep "Credit Card" and "Pocket Knife" keys from being used.

Line interior walls with screwed on 3/4 inch plywood (Helps keep people from screwing the metal off the outside of the building)

Motion Lights

Security Stickers everywhere - even if you don't have the service and fake cameras.
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