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Old Wed 11 July 2007, 11:37
Just call me: Heath
Cornwall, Ontario
New Idea for the Forum

I wonder if you could maybe start a new section so that users can post pictures of items they have cut or made with their mechmate routers. This would be good for everyone, the makers get to show off their accomplishments and others get to see what the machine can do. I realize that there are examples posted in various places already but one central location might be nice? Just a thought. Or also how about an area for users to share cut files and artwork?

Thanks for everything.

Old Wed 11 July 2007, 11:50
Gerald D
Just call me: Gerald (retired)
Cape Town
South Africa
Domino, I am an engineer and machine builder, not an operator (or sander, finisher, painter, etc.). So my focus in this project is to get good machines built. After that, someone else can run a forum/gallery of stuff that has been made. Sharing files can become a problem when, for example, someone copies a Disney image and puts it up for public sharing......
Old Wed 11 July 2007, 16:15
Just call me: wes
United States of America
A lot of other forums allow users to post links to pictures so that the forum isn't hosting the image. The legal stuff goes back to the site with the actual photo.
Old Thu 12 July 2007, 15:08
Just call me: Heath
Cornwall, Ontario
I see your points. I was only thinking of some things that might spark more interest in the mechmate. I know it is always interesting to see the things that can be done on the mechmate. I was impressed with Fabricas dragon that he carved out as well as the desk I believe you and your son built with the textured surfaces. After reading your response I am also sure you dont want extra work to police copyright issues and such as well. Thanks again for all your work on the mechmate.

Closed Thread

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