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Old Fri 07 March 2008, 00:37
Just call me: Lee
Australian Mech Mate owners? - Victoria, AUS

Hi all, are there any fellow Australians out there who have taken the plunge and built a mech mate? I am keen to discuss your experinces with building one (outsourcing parts/labour etc). I would also like to see one in the flesh/steel if possible. I live in Melbourne but travel interstate often so I would be keen to hear from anyone from Oz.
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Old Fri 19 December 2008, 07:36
Just call me: jama
Hi Lee,
I am thinking of building a MM here in Melbourne.

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Old Sat 20 December 2008, 00:26
Just call me: Jayson #18
Too much thinking goes on in Australia. One of us needs to get started building... I posed the question about a month ago and Gerald was not aware of any completed Mechmates here. I don't think there were any under construction. Time to make a start I think.


(Horsham, Victoria)
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Old Sat 20 December 2008, 09:56
Just call me: Kobus #6
Riversdale Western Cape
South Africa
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Just follow the plans and build the MM to the plans supplied. I hear and talk to a lot of people that have different ideas to change things in the design...let me assure you if you stick to the plans as supplied by Gerald then you will finish your MM in budget and in a very short time
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Old Sat 20 December 2008, 17:49
Just call me: Doug #3
Conway (Arkansas)
United States of America
I agree with Kobus. Gerald has made things simple if you just follow the plans. The less you change things, the quicker you will be cutting.
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Old Sat 05 September 2009, 23:59
Just call me: Besser
Ozi's are natural inventors (cos we live so far from everything (except sand)) a little variance can add spice.
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