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Old Fri 06 November 2009, 14:22
Just call me: Mitch
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Easy Torroidal Transformer

Hello Guys....possibly gals....?

I need a source for a toroidal transformer by any chance has someone salvaged one out of something that is readily available, like possibly a copier or something,

I want to connect it to a PMDX135 either 50V or 80V, which PS would be better for running 4, PK296A2A-SG7.2's and what should the power rating of the toroid be, (max voltage x max current) of the PS? or is that over designing, cause a 1600 watt toroid might be expensive.

This information might already be in a thread somewhere but I only looked for about about an hour and didn't find any concrete answers.

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Old Fri 06 November 2009, 16:40
Just call me: Mike
Columbiana AL
United States of America

Best source for Transformers and power supplies.
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Old Sat 07 November 2009, 06:52
Just call me: Mike
South Jordan, UT
United States of America
I use a 25VAC transformer (~35VDC) when I wire PK296A2A-SGxx motors half-coil. You could go just a little higher (28VAC = ~39VDC) before you have to worry about excess heat. Each motor pulls up to 3A, so 3A X4 = 12A. 12A X 25VAC = 300VA.

I've used both a 250VA and a 500VA transformer with 4 PK296A2A motors. Both sizes worked just fine.
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