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Old Mon 12 December 2022, 09:14
Just call me: Tim
Battle Creek
United States of America
Machmate Upgrade made

I have upgraded my machmate with new clearpath servos, and changed my software over to Acorn from centroid. This move has been the best move I made. It just works.. I will not go back to the old system mach 4, pmdx board, stepper driver and so no. We also build a Machmate with a plasma system on it. It has the same acorn system as my router.

If anyone would like more info please let me know.
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Old Sun 22 January 2023, 15:18
Tim Berframe
Just call me: Tim
I would like to know more.

Ive been waffling between DMM servos and Clearpath. Going to use Acorn.

Im just starting to gather steel and tools to start after reading here for over a year.

What motors and gear reduction have you used?
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Old Thu 23 February 2023, 23:47
Just call me: BillT #111
Georgetown, TX
United States of America
Clearpath approval


Id like to chime in and express my approval for Clearpath servos.

Ive been using them on Mechmate 111 for many years now and could not be happier. They are Nema 23s and they push that big gantry around effortlessly. YES, NEMA 23s

I keep two dial indicators attached to the machine to check for overshoot/undershoot, when the gantry returns. It always comes back to the Zero position. Sometimes on a long tool path run, 45 minutes or so, it will return with a little error; generally less that .0005 each axis. Im happy with that

The Clearpath servos on my Mechmate, the Clearpath servos on my 3-axis Bridgeport conversion, and the Clearpath HP servo on the Bridgeport spindle have never failed. They are more expensive that steppers, but since their failure rate is ZERO, I never have to trouble shoot control problems.

I also have an Acorn controller on the shelf, but waiting for time to complete the upgrade. Cant wait..

For those interested in the Clearpath or other servos, if you can afford it, get away from the hobby controls-stuff. Youll never regret it.

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Old Fri 25 August 2023, 22:49
Just call me: Yannick #129
hi Tim! i m interrested to know more about your upgraded mechmate.

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Old Fri 01 September 2023, 20:53
Just call me: joh
Estimado le agradeceria a usted publicar fotos de mechmate Plasma
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