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Old Wed 27 August 2008, 09:46
Just call me: Bob
United States of America
Would Parker Compumotor OEM650 drives work with the Oriental Motors?

I'm new to posting anything here but I have been reading a lot of the threads to help me get started so I hope someone can point me in the right direction.
I am familiar with CNC machines but I'm not sure what components will work with what with a stepper system.
This is the components that I have:

Starting with a Shopbot PR96

Oriental PK296A1A-SG3.6 (3) (X & Y)
Oriental PK266-02A (2) (Z & W)
Parker Compumotor OEM650 Controllers (3)
Power Supply from the Shopbot

Will these work together?

I got the controllers from a machine rebuilder in the area that was going to throw them out.

Trying to get this running with parts on hand if possible then upgrade later when i get new shop built.

Thanks in advance!
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Old Wed 27 August 2008, 13:23
Just call me: Mike
South Jordan, UT
United States of America

I have never used Parker OEM650 Controllers, but I found this in their user's manual which was found at

For best performance, motor inductance should be between 1 mH and 10 mH, but motors with inductance ratings as low as 0.5 mH may be used. Use the OEM350/OEM350X with motors whose inductance is in the 10 mH to 80 mH range.

The PK296A1A-SG3.6, when wired Bipolar series has 30.8mH inductance and about 7.7mH when wired Unipolar.

Table 2.8 in the manual gives information about the current limiting resistor that you'll need.

Table 2.10 shows which jumpers to set to select the proper resolution.

It appears that you could use the controllers if you wire the motors half-coil and if you set the proper jumpers/resistors, etc.
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