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Old Thu 22 May 2008, 10:23
Just call me:
Comparison: MechMate 4'x8' System to the EZ-Router 4'x8' System

I was entering this information in another post and though it needed it's own seperate post. This details the EZ-Router system compared to the MechMate. This "review" is somewhat biased since I built a MechMate. By going with the MechMate I got:
  • Heavier main beams and support board beams for more stability (turned inward for more room)
  • Better motors with better resolution and without exposed gear reduction (3:1 I'm guessing instead of my MechMate's 7.2:1)
  • Much better and more professional cable management (they offer cable management for an extra $763)
  • Better electronics and eletrical (shield cables , non-mechanical proxies, just one e-Stop, the better 203V Gecko's)
  • The same speeds for cutting and jogging with the ability to double the speed for an extra $175 with a SmoothStepper
  • More Z (10+" as opposed to 6") with options for ~14" of Z for just a few hundred more (they offer 12" of Z at a cost of $1,800)
  • Larger cutting area (100" x 52")
  • Better step resolution - .0003 on the MechMate (X, Y, Z), .0005 on the EZ (only applies to X and Y, Z is likely to be ~.0010)
  • Better fastners (stainless steel)
  • My choice of color - not just Grizzly Green
  • Better integrated dust management system (I'll post on this in the near future)
  • I could add a second, independent spindle/router for only $575 (excluding the router itself) - not possible on the ez-router due to it's design
  • Better finish (electrical connections, hardware, adjustable feet, etc)
  • A better understanding of CNC and of my particular machine - I don't need to rely on support that may or may not be there
  • I saved ~$7,500 with my MechMate (the 4'x8' ez-router is $11,489 + $763 for cable mangement + $1,800 for extra Z). As to my own time building the machine - I would have had to spend 300+ hours at $25/hour to make up the cost difference. I've spent (building, excluding research) less than 120 hours building the MechMate.

Note the mechanical limit switches without proper cable strain reliefs and the "dangling" y-Car cable hose running through the gantry:

Note the smaller and exposed v-bearings (the pinion gear also doesn't appear to be fully on the track):

Bigger Z stepper with better resolution (note the lack of a geared setup):

Better spring perch design and shielded cables on the MechMate (the motors do appear to be grounded though):

Geared motors on the MechMate Z asix for better resolution:

I could have even built the 5'x12' ez-router for just about $600 more than a 4'x8' table which they sell for $14,580 (two main beams, additional legs, additional support board beams):
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