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Old Tue 12 January 2010, 11:02
Gerald D
Just call me: Gerald (retired)
Cape Town
South Africa
That post will stay - it makes a good epitaph
Old Tue 12 January 2010, 11:57
Just call me: James
Reno, Nevada
United States of America
For those with limited vocabulary, like myself...

EPITAPH: a phrase or statement written in memory of a person who has died, esp. as an inscription on a tombstone.
Old Tue 12 January 2010, 12:11
Just call me: Kobus #6
Riversdale Western Cape
South Africa
Send a message via Yahoo to Kobus_Joubert Send a message via Skype™ to Kobus_Joubert
I am we can have Rest in Piece.
Old Tue 12 January 2010, 14:41
Just call me:
I just joined this site. I have been on the cnc zone for awhile, I read some of this before it was deleted, I have no comment on the backlash issue. I am just really getting started in learning about cnc, I hope to learn a lot here, seems like a great place!!
But it seems that weather you liked the guy or not he sure could build a machine.
I do not want to overstep my bounds here with my first post so if I am out of line I apologize, but I don't see anyone else here able to make the cut this chopper guy could.
or in the verity of materials he worked with.
I never seen anyone cut stainless steel, steel, and aluminum with this type of machine before and get that kind of quality, when I get ready to build I hope that the machine I build will work as well as his does.

Old Tue 12 January 2010, 15:06
Just call me: Leo #41
Soddy Daisy , Tn
United States of America
Jimbo welcome to the forum. Most everyones machine here could cut steel or alumn if they wanted to , but the machine is designed to cut wood. I have cut both alumn and steel on mine.With equal results to choppers. But it is much cheaper to run it on a machine that is designed to do so. I have never seen anyone banned for saying what they wanted to on the forum. But the guy seemed to have a one track mind and the only help he was willing to share was the same old story and get mad if no one agreed with him. He did build a good machine , he had good plans to show him how to build it , but with the plans provided at this site you can build a machine just as good as his and the machine will run better if you paint it blue. Good luck with your build.
Old Tue 12 January 2010, 15:18
Just call me: Ries #46
Send a message via MSN to riesvantwisk Send a message via Skype™ to riesvantwisk
When I was young an naive, I made a software tool that did 3D rotations of wire frame objects and due to the way I solved some problems within the software my 3D model on the screen got smaller smaller and smaller (or bigger) depending the kind of calculations I was doing.

The effect I was seeing was simply floating point math errors that got accumulated during each rotation I did on the screen.

This let me to believe the effect that was seeing might have been coming from software.

Now I don't know what software this person but it aswell be a software error rather then a hardware error.

Could it be??

Old Tue 12 January 2010, 15:44
Just call me:
if you have cut steel and stainless steel, and aluminum would you mind showing pictures of your cuts? and tell me what settings and type of bits you use to do this? I am excited to plan out my build, the information here is overwhelming though, it will take awhile to understand all of this stuff...
thanks for the help..
Old Tue 12 January 2010, 17:04
Just call me: Leo #41
Soddy Daisy , Tn
United States of America
Cutting Steel

Here you go Jimbo. These were cut with and .500" shred mill @ .030" depth of cut , at 90 IPM feed . I just cut these to try it out . The material is one inch thick grade 50 carbon steel. Of coarse like I said before it is not the smart thing to do. As a machine that was made to machine steel could take a .500" wide and .500" deep cut at over a 100 IMP , so I dont know why you would want to use a wood router to cut steel that is just crazy. But never less the MechMate will cut it. If you want to cut steel you might look at building a milling machine. I might put up a vid of the Mechmate cutting some of these blocks , but this is getting kind old now. We will see. I hope that this helps you out.
Attached Images
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Old Tue 12 January 2010, 17:15
Just call me: Nils #12
Winter Park, FL
United States of America

Nice cuts and those look like nice plates.
Old Tue 12 January 2010, 17:37
Just call me: Heath
Cornwall, Ontario
Leo, thanks for the pics. You certainly have your machine in top order!

It looks like Jimbo is actually Chopper in disguise. Funny how he took to Choppers cause.
Old Tue 12 January 2010, 19:45
Gerald D
Just call me: Gerald (retired)
Cape Town
South Africa
Jimbo, and at least one more, shared chopper's IP address. They have all been shut down.
Old Fri 22 January 2010, 13:36
Just call me: Charlie
United States of America
On page one it was mentioned that if your using backlash compensation in Mach it could perhaps lead to these errors. chopper never cooled down long enough to see the post or say if he used the backlash setting in Mach or not. Mach surely couldnt get it right every time, different cut paths and so forth. Just guessing here but it does seem like he is pushing things to hard/fast on his table. Perhaps the torque curves of his new motors/belts come closer to "his" ideal cut force/speed.
Coming from someone who has the 7.2's/30pinion (all still new not in action yet) I am once again concerned about my motor choice. Because they are still new Im thinking of getting 20 pinion now. Gerald wondered if maybe the 30's were putting to large of a load on the gearboxes with the weight of the MM gantry.
So maybe.... *crossing fingers* if I break them in with 20's they might last longer? Who knows we shall see.
BTW backlash does not accumulate. *had too...*

Last edited by Charlie; Fri 22 January 2010 at 13:38..
Old Sun 31 January 2010, 12:00
cab. guy
Just call me: Ron
United States of America
Hay now, lets beat this dead horse. I think there's a easy to understand explanation using our virtual machines as an example that illustrates how backlash works in reality.If instead of .0005 backlash, lets just use a whole number as the example,say 1cm for the metric people.
In this model, we home the machine at 0,0, we then send the x-axis to 30cm.
The dro reads 30,but the bit indicates 29 because of the loss due to 1cm BL.
Now we send the x-axis back to 10 -- the dro reads 10, and now the bit is at 10.
The action back and forth of the x axis is backlash, followed by correction each and every time. It is the same for all three axis.Chopper, I know you got booted but If your reading this,in order for your cumulative error theory to be correct you would have to debunk this simple principle first (not easy).I'm not piling on,nor am I a political person,In fact I was impressed with your build job--excellent.You have some good ideas, but the debate is won by weight of substance not by personality.
Old Sun 31 January 2010, 12:08
Gerald D
Just call me: Gerald (retired)
Cape Town
South Africa
Ron, there is no merit in pursuing this "debate" here. The days of arguing whether the earth is flat or round are long over.

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Closed Thread

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