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Old Wed 24 December 2008, 13:13
Just call me: Jayson #18
Thanks all, I usually don't watch sport anyway and with such a project going on in the shed it is hard to find time to even eat! Thanks for the Pic increase Gerald.

So the most dreaded part of the build so far was welding the rack together. I was not looking forward to this part of the build and I knew it would be exceptionally hard to do, especially since I had to sell an arm and a leg to be able to afford the rack. This makes it both hard to stand and also hard to weld .

Attachment 3062 Attachment 3063

Imagine my surprise when the welding went perfectly. I will tell you all my secret to success, follow Gerald’s directions. He knows his stuff.

Attachment 3065

The next most dreaded part of the build was the rail making. Now I know that many of you have said that it is not hard but until you do it yourself you can just not appreciate how easy it actually is. The angle for the x rail that was supplied was not as thick as I requested but decided to use it anyway, mainly because I was sure that the process would not work and I would end up buying linear rails. Well the process was so easy and went so well that I have a slightly under spec rail but I am sure it will be fine. I have bolted the rail down at centres of 120mm. The reason for this was that is the spacing required for the linear rail that I may have required oh and it adds extra support for the thinner rail

Attachment 3064

The rail cutting was very easy and from reading some other posts I think that I may have been very conservative with the rail cutting. I used a total of 4 disks for all the rails. I did use very light cuts and was ever mindful that the angle grinders usually do not survive a Mechmate build. My angle was 2 1/2 inch on both legs so I could not use the whole disk as the skate plate hit the rail before it was totally cut through once the disk wore a bit. If I had used differed rail I may have gotten away with 2 disks I think.

Christmas is underway here in Australia so I will have to go now, I will give an update in a few days when I get time to get back to the machine.

Cheers to all.

Its time to enjoy some food...
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