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Old Sun 22 January 2012, 14:45
Just call me: telah
selecting the right rack and pinion

Hi all,

I am almost done planing everything to start the build and I wanted a confirmation before I place order on the rack and pinion.

I will be using 4 KL34H260-35-4B controlled by a G540 with a 40v power supply and a 4:1 belt drive this will supply 1840oz-in torque.

the motor Step angle is 1.8 DEG/STEP I am trying to find the optimal configuration for the rack the spur gear and the belt drive

My understanding for the belt drive is the amount of teeth and pitch is irelevent as long as they have a 4:1 ratio so I should be fine with a 40 tooth and a 10 tooth is that a true assumption ?

for the rack and pinion even after ready different thread about the calculation

I'll be honest I am still puzzled of what to pick

Could someone help me on figuring what rack and gear to choose ?

and a very dummy question, the reseller I found is selling Rack and Spur Gear, English is not my native language but is a Spur gear the same as a pinion or I am looking at the wrong thing to buy ?

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Old Sun 22 January 2012, 17:20
Just call me: Mike
South Jordan, UT
United States of America
For the belt-drive, you will need to use an 18-tooth XL pulley on the motor shaft and a 72-tooth XL pulley on the drive shaft. (I'm assuming that the motor has a 1/2-inch shaft. The 18-tooth pulley can be bored out to 1/2-inch, but a 10-tooth XL pulley can only be used with a 1/4-inch or smaller motor shaft.)

McMaster Carr has 20-degree pressure angle rack and pinion. I would recommend the 25-tooth (1.25-inch pitch diameter) spur gear. That will move the axis 3.927-inches per revolution or 0.001935 inches per step. With the 4:1 belt drive, the axis will move 0.98175 inches per revolution or 0.000490875 inches per step.
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Old Mon 23 January 2012, 04:26
Just call me: Mike
Columbiana AL
United States of America
I have a set of 4:1 pullies and belts. I also have motor plates and axles as well. I think Heath has parts sets ready to ship in Canada.
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