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Old Sun 21 February 2010, 07:11
Just call me: Bill
Chattanooga, TN
United States of America
Desperate for a new tape source

For years now I've relied on a particular double-sided tape for anchoring those products that cannot be clamped or held with a vacuum pod. I've always despised using it because (1) it's $10 for a small roll, and (2) it's hard to remove when you're done. Just the same, it works perfectly and it's no further than the neearest Home Depot. In my case that's ten minutes (lucky me). But the last time I needed it they didn't have it any more. There was something else there in its place. I assumed it was on back-order. It would be there next time. But no. It's gone.

The stuff they've replaced it with is Rhino Grip 50-540. Yuk! Simply will not work for what I'm doing. Typically I can Google and find anything made by man. Not this time. I've looked high and low and it simply cannot be found anywhere.

So I hoping one of you can tell me what you're using. Not just any double-sided tape will do. I've tried all the carpet tapes with and without mesh. It's too gooey and lets the work piece sip when subjected to the lateral forces of the bit.

The stuff I used before is ACRYLIC. It's thinner than thin and colorless, though colored would be fine, better.

I typically need to attach a piece of machineable wax to a plate of Plexiglas. Then I machine the wax. After that I separate the two with a pocket knife and clean off the tape residue with brake cleaner.

The stuff I was using was "Glass-Tac Acrylic Double-Face Tape (Recommended for use with Armstrong Loose Lay Sheet Vinyl Flooring)."

I've double-checked the spelling, checked with Armstrong, etc. I'm satisfied the stuff no longer exists but there's got to be something like it. I'm desperate. Hope you'll respond. Thanks,

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Old Mon 01 March 2010, 11:56
Just call me: John
Hannover, DE
one of the things that always disappointed me about Home depot.
I did some work for a contractor in Jax Fla and we used a Butyl Seal Tape for doors and windows. I believe we got it from Lowes... I have come across some other variations in my door work that was a bear to remove... closest refeance I can find to it...
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Old Sun 21 March 2010, 11:02
Just call me: Dave #52
Fort Ripley, MN
United States of America
Here is what I use, works great. I use the 1/2" tape, wider stuff sticks too good.
Look at the last page under accessories. Here
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Old Sun 21 March 2010, 11:34
Just call me: Glen
Saint louis MO
United States of America
ATG Tape

ATG Tape. or framers double stick.

This tape is available in large rolls through art suppliers. It is best applied with a taping gun( sorta like a pricing gun). It can be removed from both wax and plex with minimal effort using a rubber cement pickup or your thumb.
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