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Old Mon 15 November 2010, 02:37
Just call me: Ken
2.2kW/3h.p. Water-cooled Spindle c/w Matching VFD SOLD

I need to let go of this spare new set to fund a root blower.

Completely new in box, tested & setup for immergency replacement.

USD500 + shipping

Will ship anywhere.
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Old Tue 16 November 2010, 09:56
Just call me: David
Hi Ken, Looks like your visit has got you moving on vac hold down. Keep in mind that the roots blower generates a healthy amount (or should I say unhealthy) amount of heat. You have to keep an eye on temp and a dedicated blower that cools the main body will suffice but on a hot day, you really have to watch the temp. Always remember to warm up for about five minutes and cool down before shut down. It will make a huge difference on the life of your pump. Also, go for 4 inch and 15 hp with inverter if at all possible. It will make a big difference on your power bill. Good luck!
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Old Wed 17 November 2010, 00:49
Just call me: Ken
Hi David,
Thanks for the head up. I'm all spiced up for a vacuum hold-down, but need to consolidate my financial position before I can make up my final choice. A proper pump is a huge capital expenditure & it can cost more then what I spend on my MM if not careful...

USD500 is only an indication, negotiable... pm me if you wish
They are totally unused, but programmed & tested.
I have spare of everything but since the spindle on my machine can take so much abuse, reliable & works better then I anticipated so I guess it is ok to reduce my stock level
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Old Fri 19 November 2010, 08:12
Just call me: Astrolavista
HI Ken ,

Got any pictures? Brand names?

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Old Sat 27 November 2010, 21:02
Just call me: Ken
I apologise for not posting the photo for I was taken ill for while now. Will post some once I'm fit enough to turn up at work.
This is the popular Chinese Water cooled spindle + VFD Huanyang HY02D223B VFD combo.
Identical as this photo posted in the forum
The manual is here.
some threads in the forum.

and a lot more...

Hope this helps

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Old Sat 26 March 2011, 21:48
Just call me: Ken
The spindle + VFD package is no longer on sales.
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