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Old Sun 23 January 2011, 19:13
Just call me: Tom
Grovetown, Ga
United States of America
vacuum table question

I always hate to ask questions that may have already been answered else where but i have searched and can't find my answer. So, please forgive me if i am asking "a same ole question".... I understand pretty much about vacuum tables except this>> Am i to understand that you can pull air, i.e., a vacuum THROUGH a piece of mdf board which i guess is also your spoil board?? Thanks
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Old Sun 23 January 2011, 19:53
Just call me: Sean - #5, 28, 58 and others
Orlando, Florida
United States of America
No worries...Yes you can pull a vacuum THROUGH certain materials. Certain densities of MDF work better than others, but most variants of MDF are porous.

There are many instances of this being used in CNC work in general.

The forum has a few examples of a "waffle grid" and "sealed edge" MDF spoilboards for this purpose. Pending your application, you may need to choose a particular style of holddown that suites your needs.

Feel free to poll the forum....we're nice here!

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