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Old Tue 08 September 2009, 18:13
Just call me: Besser
Australian Cable Chain (also distribute worldwide)

Hi All, probably more for us OZI's on the forum, but I have finally found a local Cable chain that meets MM requirements and doesn't blow a hole in the pocket.
I was searching for some time without luck when Chris (MM Buddy) came across these guys
Located in Melbourne, it didnt even take any negotiations to get a good price on new chain and I think it looks cool as the pivot pins are MM BLUE!
I did have an issue with the end connectors ($8 a set) as he was out of stock. But soon fixed. Compared to other suppliers wanting $130 a meter I thought $40 was a fair price.
Assembly is required and sore thumbs will result (unless you can crush rocks with your hands)

I'm still in the collecting phase....Isnt MM exciting
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Old Tue 08 September 2009, 20:28
Gerald D
Just call me: Gerald (retired)
Cape Town
South Africa
The Korean producers of that cable chain sell worldwide:
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