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Old Wed 09 June 2010, 05:46
Just call me: Account - DISABLED
Account - DISABLED
I think i will just start with the stopper blocks but wire enough cable to the MechMate for an install of limit switches or other device to detect the ends at a later date.

I have faith in Mach's ability to use soft limits in the short term of my build and learning curve journey.
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Old Wed 09 June 2010, 08:03
Just call me: Ries #46
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For squaring I use : pulling the axes against the stops.
For homing I added 3 micro-switches to find the zero of my machine for each axis.

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Old Mon 28 February 2011, 05:37
Just call me: Graeme
Can I check I have this correct

It I wire X, Y and Z proxy to a common input and X slave (A) to its own input then I can auto square the gantry by editing the macro with the substitution to RefCombination (9) when referencing X.

Can I use the offset feature of MACH3 to assist in squaring rather the bothering with the eccentric targets that go in the holes in the rails? (assuming they are close enough so as to not over rack the gantry in the process).

Assistance would be great as I am planning the wiring of the unit.

I am using a PMDX126 BOB (when it arrives) so have 8 inputs to use. With touch pad and touch probe, and 2 inputs for proxy switches I will have allocated 7 inputs so far.


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Old Mon 28 February 2011, 09:08
Just call me: Sean - #5, 28, 58 and others
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To my knowledge, you still need to have the proximity limits sense something, even if you use an offset macro of some sort. The only way I have been able to dial in the mechanical square on a stepper (without encoder) machine is the with adjustable targets.

Others please step in here if they know something better.

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Old Mon 28 February 2011, 09:37
Just call me: Ger
Detroit, MI
United States of America
Not sure if the home offsets can be different for slaved axis. One thing to look out for though, is that the homing speeds can be different, but need to be the same
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