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Old Fri 24 November 2006, 16:39
Bob Cole
Just call me:
Starting my 1st build - Berlin Center Ohio

Well guys, After much reflection and months of reading almost every post available, I think I'm ready to start contributing here.
I have spent the better part of 6 months researching and scavenging parts from all over the place. I just scored what I hope to make my "Z" slide assembly..
It measures 520mm long,and is a THK slide # THK #RSR15WVM with 2 carriages.
I got it for only $79.00. brand new surplus.

Originally I had planned to build an aluminum framed CNC unit, but thanks to Gerald, I have been diswaded from pursuing that route.

Gerald: I hope that some changes I want to incorporate into my build will be accepted on your forum, because I have some wonderful pieces that I would like to use in my build. I will be utilizing your main table plans, and adapting the "Y", "Z" drawings to incorporate the bearings and rail system I have on hand.
If this would cause your forum to go to far off center, please let me know, and I will shut this thread so as not to cause others any confusion.

I have aquired (4) matching stepper motors {Applied Motion 2.47v 5.9amp} Part# 5034-350. they are rated @ 600+ in/oz. COST: $25.00@ These are brand new from a test lab that used them several times to build prototype machines.
What recomendations would you all make regarding the best power set up for these as well as would the Gecko 320 be the best way to drive them?
The electronics will be a total challenge to me as I have never done this before.

The mechanical and construction part I can handle, and I am excited to get started.
I have a local source for all the steel for the table {4'x8' cutting area}. $575.00 cut, drilled, folded, blasted, ready to paint.
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Old Fri 24 November 2006, 23:22
Just call me:
Welcome Bob, your attitude to the forum is fine. Besides, I have an obligation to help you use that rail for the Z-slide because that is what most of the MechMate pics show!

I'll look at your post again later when I have more time, but you have picked the wrong gecko for stepper motors - that gecko is for servo motors.
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Old Sat 25 November 2006, 05:42
Bob Cole
Just call me:
Thanks Gerald,
As for the Gecko's, I have not purchased anything electronic yet other than the motors. There for any and all suggestions regarding setting up the electronics will be much appreciated. I have several design programs available for my use to create the signs I design. My primary use for this machine will be 3-D routing of my signs for my company. I have been learning Enroute3, and Artcam PRO by watching some of my friends work with these amazing programs. They are very pricy, so I don't know if I will end up buying them or not, but for now I will just watch and learn over the shoulder of others. I am going to post a picture of the type of work I do currently so you guys can see what I want to accomplish with this machine.

Considering that I want to do 3-D routing what type of drivers{?} do you think I will need?
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Old Sat 25 November 2006, 07:41
Just call me:
Sorry to tell you this Bob, but those Applied Motion motors have shafts that are too light to be used in the "MechMate" way. See the end of this post. The driver recommended there should be fine though.
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