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Old Thu 23 January 2014, 19:22
Just call me: Josh
PK296A2A-SG7.2 in australia? Cheapest?

Hi everyone, i am looking at building my first Mechmate - however, finding it difficult to source the PK296A2A-SG7.2 motors without spending $1000 dollars on shipping for 4 motors. Are there any other pre-geared motors that are equivalent that are readily available in melbourne, australia? Or am i better of using Nema-34 motors and using appropriate gear reductions to 7.2:1?

If so, could someone please link me to a thread where Nema 34 motors are used and how the gear reduction assembly is done? Thanks!

Happy building!
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Old Thu 23 January 2014, 20:19
Just call me: Bruce #122
New South Wales

Welcome. I see you have found the downside of living in Aus. I have gone with 640Ozin Nema 34's from AusXMods (these ones: ) and will be building gearboxes with the machine when it is running. Check out a few Aussie builds and alot of o'seas builds using non-geared motors. Start in the Mechmates Already Cutting forum

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Old Thu 23 January 2014, 20:30
darren salyer
Just call me: Darren #101
Wentzville mo
United States of America
Have you considered a less expensive motor you could obtain locally with a belt drive?
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Old Thu 23 January 2014, 21:50
Just call me: Ken
Josh, sorry can not link that many link which you requested, as almost every building thread discuss that.
If u had at least spend 20 minutes looking for them in the forum, u will find what u need.
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Old Tue 28 January 2014, 15:20
Just call me: Pete #98
South-Central Pennsylvania
United States of America
I would suggest you look at a belt reduction rather than the gearbox series if you are looking for high precision. There is backlash in a spur gear design versus a planetary or belt reduction. I am sure you can find a good quality stepper that is more native and available in your region and build a reduction drive for all of them for the cost of having to ship those there plus have money left over for extra items.
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