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Thread Tools
Old Sun 05 April 2009, 21:36
Rad Racer
Just call me: Wayne #25
United States of America
Corner finder

Made a couple more tools for my MechMate today.

This is a corner finder, it can also be used to set z-hieght. I saw one of these on CNC Zone....thought it was pretty neat so I made one.

To use this tool, place it on the corner of your material and center the cutting bit over the copper pipe. Lower the bit so it is just inside the pipe and run the centering script.

Note, the bit does not have to be exactly in the center of the pipe just close. The script will determine the exact center for you and set the Mach3 dro's
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Old Tue 23 November 2010, 19:13
Just call me: Paul #72
Here is the link to the CNC Zone for anybody that needs it



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Old Tue 28 May 2013, 10:19
Just call me: Clayton #106
Bishop's Falls, Newfoundland
I know that much has been said about zeroing routines but this is just another gadget that is available. Similar to the one shown in the previous post.

You can see it in operation here.


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Thread Tools

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