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Old Fri 02 May 2008, 22:52
Just call me:
Non-Trade Pricing for 4'x8' sheets of HDU/SignFoam?

I obtained some 8" x 8" samples of SignFoam and I must say I was impressed. Little letters in pockets don't "pop off" and the stuff cuts super easy. It even seems to handle paint pretty well. Of course there are no free lunches. I'm hearing prices of 200$ to 300$ per 4x8 sheets of the 15 pound stuff. Anyone have current 2008 pricing for this stuff? I'd rather know before I get too attached to this stuff. I live in Houston, TX.

Much thanks!
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Old Sat 03 May 2008, 20:51
Just call me:
I received the answer on and though others might find it useful.

If you are doing sign work, you owe it to yourself to get a sample from - this stuff is strong, carves like a dream and is easy to paint.

My 2007 price book...

All of these are for 4x8 sheets 15lb. Duna board ( is generic brand, Sign Foam is a brand name.. Sign Foam tends to be more expensive. This is my local pricing for PA (USA).

Size Duna board Sign Foam
1/2" $114.70 $153.50
3/4" $153.70 $185.50
1" $184.70 $248.50
1- 1/2 $260.70 $313.50
2" $336.70 $420.50
3" $516.70 $598.50

I use the Duna board. It is just as nice as the Sign foam brand. 15lb Duna board is green color.

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