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Old Sun 24 June 2012, 15:38
Mr Ron
Just call me: Mr Ron
Vancleave, Ms
United States of America
Using a chain for a rack

Using a chain is a common means of moving a trolley along a rail. The chain is tack welded to an overhead I-beam and a sprocket that is inside the trolley engages the chain. As the sprocket is turned, either by power or manually, it traverses the chain in rack fashion. My question is; can a chain be used in place of a rack for the rack and pinion drive? Racks are very expensive.
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Old Sun 24 June 2012, 16:01
Just call me: Anthony #77
South Australia
Mr Ron,
It has been done and wasn't very sucessful. See this build #62.
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Old Mon 25 June 2012, 08:09
Just call me: Eric #115
Sacramento, CA
United States of America
In comparison to the rest of the build, I think the rack is one of the less expensive and more important parts.

It really isn't much off a savings to go with a chain, and your performance will suffer.
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