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Old Sun 15 January 2012, 06:39
Just call me: Claus #43
Have #43, now building plasma MM - Arad, Romania

Hi everybody,

yes, I know. Shame on me for not writing for so long, but as you well know sometimes your real life job doesn`t leave enough time right now for woodworking.
I`m happy to be back and do some tech talk with you guys.

So as I still am a big MM fan, and I still want to work with a MM on a daily bases I decided to build a MM for Plasma cutting.

Due to the crises I couldn`t find anyone to buy my MM so I decided to make modifications to it, transforming it into a Plasma cutting MM.

I have bought a Plasma cutter from an old ESAB, we are talking about a Hypertherm Max100 with machine torch, which I think is pretty good for powerfull high quality cuts.
Ok, maybe its a little bit old, but its in a very good condition.
Besides I got about 50 spare tips and a brand new 15m hosepack with an extra machine torch.

I am shure it will be a succes having you guys around, helping me out with your knowledge and support.
As you know I not very good in electronics, and exaxtly here I hope to get some help from you fitting in a new THC.

Thank you in advance.
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Old Mon 16 January 2012, 14:55
darren salyer
Just call me: Darren #101
Wentzville mo
United States of America
Looking forward to following the progress on this.
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Old Fri 20 January 2012, 15:43
Just call me: Claus #43
Hi guys,

The last few days I tried to find out more about THC and all other mods I have to make on the table. Of course I would like to keep Mach3, as I got used to it a little.
I found out that there is to choose two THC`s from, Cand and Agelcom.
Have you made experiences with these systems and is there known issues ?
Personally, I thought about the Agelcom. Seems at the first glance simple and robust.
Please, give some advise. Thanx
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Old Fri 20 January 2012, 16:26
Just call me: Danilo #64
Novi Sad
For ordering from Cand they ask you to order 2 pcs, I bought Agelcom but have not mounted it yet. Looking inside gives impression of a very cheap device but well thought of. Case is aluminium but the rest of the parts don't give a lot of reassurance that they will last in a harsh environment. I can post hi-res pictures of parts.
I always thought that this kind of very simple devices have a really high price, but its the function that sells them. Research and development takes time.
If I may shed some light on the principles of this kind of a sensor device
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Old Mon 23 January 2012, 14:31
Just call me: Claus #43
THC - which one to choose?

Danilo, thank you for your advise.
I also read somewhere in the forum that "two Sets" are new standard !!! This makes me choose another THC source. (I cannot afford keeping one on my dusty shelves)
Anyway, I read something intresting at
They also put some movies cutting bent sheet with the z following the sheets surface. Can it really be that simple? Would be too nice.
I also attached their thc manual in english.
I will talk to them and come back with more info on that.
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Old Sat 15 September 2012, 10:22
Just call me: Tim
Calgary, Alberta
Thanks for the info. Ive been waiting to do this to mine

Tim #79
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