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Old Tue 26 June 2012, 17:43
Mr Ron
Just call me: Mr Ron
Vancleave, Ms
United States of America
Rail Grinding Jig for a Radial Arm Saw

Attached is a sketch for a rail grinding jig to be used with a radial arm saw. The jig is fastened to the saw table; a grinding disk attached to the saw motor; motor carriage rotated 90 and bevel set to 45. With the motor running, push the rail through the jig on one side. Spin the motor carriage 180 and feed the angle through for the other edge always feeding against the disk rotation. You might have to take the gring in small increments. The top can be trimmed with a file. None of the dimensions are critical. I didn't show how to adjust the bearings for a snug fit to the angle. I didn't like the method using a table saw to grind an edge as it's not a good idea to have steel grinding dust in the saw mechanism. A radial saw motor is above the work, so dust won't affect it as much. If you need any further details or info, let me know.
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File Type: jpg RAIL GRINDING JIG FOR RAS.jpg (22.0 KB, 513 views)
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Old Tue 26 June 2012, 19:30
Just call me: Sean - #5, 28, 58 and others
Orlando, Florida
United States of America
Albeit a good idea, the time spent to try to put that bevel on accurately via any method other than the skate has been tried.

Between me, Gerald, Greg, JR and host of others that were the beta group for the skate / grinding method that now exists - I can for one tell you the prescribed skate method is accurate, repeatable and quick.

Use a 36-50 grit sanding disk ONTOP of a regular grinding disk and grind your profile. You will be clear amazed at how quickly your done. I have ground 3 full machines with this method and the final set up had all the x , y and x axis done in one 10 hour day for all 6 rail surfaces.

Good luck!
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Old Tue 26 June 2012, 20:30
darren salyer
Just call me: Darren #101
Wentzville mo
United States of America
I'm 100% with Sean on this one.
I was dreading rail grinding, but it is easy and almost error free with the skate
Pushing a 14' piece of rail along a fixed grinding head has to be harder than pushing a skate on a stationary rail.
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Old Tue 26 June 2012, 22:17
Just call me: Ken
Angle grinder is only a fraction of the cost of any radial arm saw. & its meant to grind.
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Old Wed 27 June 2012, 09:43
Just call me: Sean - #5, 28, 58 and others
Orlando, Florida
United States of America
Think about this one about the grinding process.
What you doing is the same process as a very expensive MILL or surface grinder with tolerance in the thousands of an inch. The skate, albeit a top reference tool, is precision. Pushing your rail - thru - a grinding head without a physical bench (like a bridgeport mill) will be inaccurate.

The moral of the story is bad grind in = bad cutting accuracy at a the finished tool on the CNC machine.

...Trying to be helpful. I spent countless weeks trying many methods before the skate was perfected.
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