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Slipery Thu 07 September 2017 20:48

Help please. Consistently looses steps in X.
After cutting my aztec calendar I decided to do some checking and not sure if ths occured after cutting the calendar or has always been there.
Just engraving a rectangle which is meant to be with corners at absolute points (7.5,7.5), (7.5,52.5), ( and (92.5,7.5).
I am using Mach3 and a ethernet smooth stepper.
Points on the DRO of Mach 3 look correct but when I run the file. I cut what you see in the picture.
Steps taken are
1. Ref all home (using proximity switches)
2. Go to Zero indicated by the end of the ruler in the picture.
3. Run the file generated by Aspire
N140 (V-Bit {60 deg 32 mm} )
N170(Toolpath:- Profile 1)

Now if I repeat this complete set of steps the tool will travel the exact same path each time. If however I simply rerun the file the tool will cut the complete rectangle only. i.e. Like if home has moved.
My original thought was lost steps on X axis (slaved) but it seems too consistent too be that. I would expect the number of steps lost would not be the same each time. Thoughts please would be appreciated.

Slipery Thu 07 September 2017 21:21

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lonestaral Sun 10 September 2017 07:19

The problem might be the G91.1

Replace the safe start blocks with
N10 G40G17G80G49
N20 T1 M6
N30 G90G54
N40 M3
N50 G0X? Y?

End of program to read
G04 P1000
N45360 G0Z50.000
N45370 G49H0
N45380 M30

If the Aztec cut ok and rerunning your test program
with steps 1,2 and 3 works it is unlikely it is lost steps.

Slipery Mon 11 September 2017 02:02

Found the problem the grub screw came loose in the pinions on both A and X axis (A slaved to X). Time for some loctite.

ifffff Mon 11 September 2017 07:33

Looks like your pinion holes are machined too loose. Loose screw should not cause that kind of problems. Bot you are on right way, loctite threadlocker is on CNC nessesary. Vibration ....

lonestaral Mon 11 September 2017 19:49

Something simple.
Glad you got it sorted.

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