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alan254 Sun 12 February 2012 05:34

Cutting Some Signs! #95 - Mystic, CT
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Here the basics and of my machine and a few pictures of my control panel I have thus far.
Will post some of machine shortly.
Started on 4/09
PK296A2A-SG7.2 motor on order
Half coil
PMDX 122 should have gone to 126 for more inputs, will have to double some
203v controllers
AC tech VDF 5hp
Mech 3 programming Attachment 13032

Attachment 13033
ELO monitor
IBM computer
Power supply 40V
RLP-104 relay 12 volt
AM1-AN-4H sensors
Undecided on spindle and program to produce drawings yet
Looking for suggestions



alan254 Sun 12 February 2012 06:09

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Attachment 13037

Attachment 13038

Attachment 13039

Attachment 13040

Surfcnc Sun 12 February 2012 23:54

Hi Al

Thanks for sharing some photos of your machine.
You may have taken a while but everything you have done seems to be very thorough indeed.
I am still marvelling at the size of the capacitor you have used for the power supply.
It looks like the machine might run for 10 mins after dropping the power off. :D

Don't sweat the small stuff too much and punch on to get a running machine, perfection can always come later.
Initially the PMDX 122 break out board should do you fine but the newer PMDX 126 does have some nice features esp. when wiring the proximity switches.


alan254 Mon 20 February 2012 04:35

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Hi all.

Now have control panel hooked up table secured and emblems on. It took a little time to figure out the program. That is to make everything work properly. It now homes properly. I think, at least it says all zeros when it is done. Still not sure about OEM codes. I put in one something and I run and the codes seem to be something different. I quess it has a mind of it's own, BUT IT CUTS AIR SMOTHLY.

This week I i have to decide on a spindle leaning towards a 5 hp colombo, boy what a difference in price from the chinese spindles. Are they really worth the difference?

Does anyone have a resiterable copy of "Aspire with Vcarve" they would like to sell?

I would like to thank all for the help on this site. It's been fun and with all your help and advise I will soon have a great finished machine.

Thanks all


Surfcnc Mon 20 February 2012 04:55

OEM Codes
1 Attachment(s)
Here are the codes for Feedhold and Resume.

Attachment 13068


alan254 Mon 20 February 2012 05:12

Hi Ross,

I am using those external buttons and they work fine. But, where are the jog codes shown on your screen come from. My machine seem to change what put in but in codes for Z-- Z++ and so no change to different numbers than what I enter.The machine stop on the broken signal and it does zero the x & y property, don't have the z hooked up yet. I just how the codes create themselves maby i shouldn't care it works, just would like to know.


Surfcnc Mon 20 February 2012 05:22

The jog codes come over on the default install of Mach3 and do not need to be manually entered.
Hope this is a sufficient explanation, it sure is an easy one:D.


alan254 Mon 20 February 2012 05:30

l guess less knowing is better at this stage, thanks.


domino11 Mon 20 February 2012 10:05

Al, what size main beams are you using? They look a little taller than stock.

alan254 Mon 20 February 2012 10:14

they are the standard 8"


Gerald D Mon 20 February 2012 11:03

I think the last photo is compressed in the x direction?

Alan_c Mon 20 February 2012 14:12

Pic is distorted, check out the oval blade on the Porter Cable Chop Saw (sitting on top of a vintage Work Mate - also designed by a South African ;) )

alan254 Mon 20 February 2012 14:21

Not sure how to properly size images. Some day? I am learning.

Does anyone have a design for a colombo spindle?

Leaning to an RS 90 CPE 25.


smreish Mon 20 February 2012 14:47

I purchased my spindle, drive and pre-wired cable bundle from Blurry customs. They are a forum member and have pretty great customer service.

Gerald D Mon 20 February 2012 22:26

The Mate in MechMate was borrowed from the Mate in WorkMate ;)

alan254 Tue 21 February 2012 04:22

What kind of mounting bracket/plate is required to mount the RS 90 spindle.

Does some one have a good design ?


smreish Tue 21 February 2012 06:48

I used the interface plate shown in the drawing. The end of the z-slide is designed to be modular. I personally made a 8" x 4" x 3/8" alum plate that had the proper tapped holes, countersunk holes and hardened roll pins to register to the z-slide. I going to see if I can find a picture to post from my build documents.
The Columbo and HSD have tapped holes, so the interface plate was required to properly mount.


alan254 Tue 21 February 2012 06:59

sounds easy . picture would be nice



smreish Tue 21 February 2012 07:14

1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 13070

alan254 Tue 21 February 2012 09:16

That is how i have my z-slide drilled.

Sounds like I just need a 3/8" flat plate to so the spindle will clear the v rollers. One bolt is enough to secure the mount to the z- slide with the two pins. Than, four bolts will secure the spindle to the flat plate.

sounds good thanks


smreish Tue 21 February 2012 16:48

You have it correct. 4 countersunk bolts to mount plate to spindle. The 3/8" plate is either tapped and you thread through the z-slide to it. I personally tapped and countersunk the 3/8" plate and used a fully threaded bolt to act like a stud. I threaded the bolt into the plate, set with threadlocker, then mounted the spindle over the now threaded bolt. (it is then covered up by the spindle). I used a single, NYLOC on the draw bolt for the backer nut.

Did that make sense? LOL

alan254 Wed 22 February 2012 03:58

very much so


alan254 Thu 23 February 2012 02:40

Hi Sean,

I have ordered my spindle from Blurry customs. RS90.

In the lay out of mounting plate, if I keep the 3/8" plate even with the bottom of the z slide and drill the holes near the top that will put the bottom of the collet nut about 8" off the table. The z slide is now10". Does that sound rite or should it be higher?


smreish Thu 23 February 2012 07:48

1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 13076

It's hard to see, but I put my mounting plate about flush.
8" is about right.

alan254 Sun 26 February 2012 05:30

4 Attachment(s)
Here some close up pictures of several things that might be of interest.

Mounting plate for RS90 spindle. I just cut a slot in the head of the bolt and added a piece of metal ( piece of an allen wrench )to lock the bolt from turning, the epoxied it in.

My z-stop sensor, this senses the gas shock and is easy to remove and adjust. This location shouldn’t interfere with the spindle or the dust collection system, I hope>>>>

The transition from the e-chain to the conduit to my control panel.
Attachment 13086

Attachment 13087

Attachment 13088

Attachment 13089
These two simple bends could for the z-slide and the e-chain could be helpful if added to the bend parts list.


smreish Sun 26 February 2012 13:09

That looks like a nice spindle adapter plate.
I like your positive "stud" draw bolt. The epoxy should work well.

alan254 Thu 01 March 2012 13:25

Well, I received spindle and installed it, Programmed my VFD all went fine. Started to warm up spindle, ran fine then went into reset. Sometimes five minutes sometimes two, sometimes ten. Read on>>>> then found a section on de-bouncing. Set it to 1000 ran fine. What should the de-bounce bounce setting be?

Still trying to cut air.

Getting like chatter from the slave on x-axes almost like it is stopping and being dragged along. But, only sometimes. Seems to home 2 axes fine properly. Enough for one day>>> read on tomorrow and play on some more tomorrow.

Hope to be cutting this weekend.


smreish Thu 01 March 2012 14:24

De-bounce settings are a mystery for the most part.
With that blurry customs set up you have (which is like machine #28 for me) the de-bounce was incremented by 100's until the e-stop/stop flutter was stable. I just checked my old Mach 3 xml file and I have it set at 1200.

That slave axis dragging could be interference from the spindle causing step/direction inputs to get conflicting signal. Make sure all your spindle related wiring is well away from the geckos.

Is your VFD being controlled via contact closure from MACH or via rs-232?


alan254 Fri 02 March 2012 03:49

Hi Sean,

I tried the de-bounce at 100 and all went away and ran fine, Then i read in the trouble shooting section to set it at 1000 so i did. still ran fine. Is there any benifit to lower the value for our application?

The a motor did this once and a wile usually during joging long distances. It hasn't done it at all during the trial cuts of air.


smreish Fri 02 March 2012 05:12

No real difference except if the signal noise was interfering with the estop/stop circuit, then you may have to push-and-hold the stop button longer for an initiation of the stop. This should have no affect on the e-stop because those buttons are held contact when pushed, not momentary. The de-bounce number is changing how often MACH samples the line for a signal. Before de-bounce, you looked at it every sample - now it's looking for a hard signal every 100 signals, or whatever the setting is.

Does that help?

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