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gixi Tue 30 March 2010 04:55

News regarding my spindle
Hy everyone !
Here are some feedback regarding the spindle from Italy: after maximum 50 hours the bearings start to make strange noises...:mad:
Ok, it's not a Colombo but only few hours and belive me I did my best not to force the motor to hard (max. 15000rpm), before start cutting the spindle was left to spin without cutting for minimum 10 minutes.
I spoke with someone from Bosch service to replace the bearings and I hope the will be Ok.

liaoh75 Wed 31 March 2010 09:16

My Chinese 3KW water cooled spindle is doing just fine with well over 500 hours of cutting time. Hope you get your issue straightened out!

gixi Fri 02 April 2010 05:56

On the other hand I think it could be my fault using bits from a seller who sell cheap nonbrand products and this way I ruined the bearings. I paid 3 USD for a carbide tiped bit...:o.

bradm Fri 02 April 2010 06:27

I assume we're speaking of the spindle from this thread with the strikingly low pricing associated with it. If possible, we'll be interested to see pictures of / know more about the bearings that are in it, especially if it's confirmed that they are failing.

The questions are: what type of bearings are they? Who made them? Is the failure due to installation, wrong type for the job, inadequate dust protection, excessive heat, inadequate heat, or some other issue. Pictures will go a long way in assessing this.

The good news is if it's just cheap bearings, and you replace them with something better, you may still end up ahead on the overall cost of your spindle!

PEU Fri 02 April 2010 10:30

AFAIK if the spindle bearings are cheap to replace, that means the bearings aren't good enough, I read many many times the major cost of any given spindle is their bearings.

liaoh75 Mon 05 April 2010 12:13

There sure are a heck of a lot of people (surely in the 10s of thousands) out there using the Chinese water cooled spindles. I haven't heard much about bearings going out. I've heard of two cases where the bearings had to be replaced but on both occasions, the fault was attributed to defective spindles at the manufacturing stage.

In Taiwan there are several CNC manufactures that use them and export their machines day in and day out. The guys I've spoke to always look at me funny when I ask them where their spindles come from because they sure look like the one I'm using from China. They admit that the spindles are of Chinese origin. They also confirm that they are quite stable as long as you run water through them. I think the run out isn't as good as a $3000 ceramic bearing model from Italy, but I got mine at about 1/10th the price.

I haven't needed to replace my bearings, but the guys I bought the spindle from said that the bearings are user replaceable as long as you have a press and a bearing puller. Does any one out there have any data to dispute this?

gixi Mon 05 April 2010 13:57

This week I'll open the spindle to see what's inside. These days I give a look on the papers from the italian company and there is no reference to the type of the bearings. This spindle of mine is quite similar with those from Teknomotor Company from Italy.
Is not the end of the world if I should replace the entire spindle but is very important for me to understand where is my fault on using the spindle. My only guess regarding my fault on using this spindle is that I didn't use bits from an official dealer (Rocast) who represent a german company and I prefered cheaper bits imported from God knows where.
I'll give all the details soon. :)

gixi Wed 07 April 2010 04:23

6205 2R ZT N9 - where I can find this type of bearings ?
1 Attachment(s)
Today the seller reply to my question about bearings and he said:
"The Bearing side shaft is 6205 2R ZT N9"
I try looking after them on the SKF site but there is no reference with this code.
Could someone tell me what type of bearings are those?
I didn't open till now the spindle...
The seller also send some instructions for maintenance with a schematic of the spindle but can't see the type of the bearings.

drvovizija Wed 07 April 2010 07:20

Hi Gixi!
Probably you need to look for 6205-2RZ, where 6205 is bearing type/dimension and 2RZ goes for non-contact rubber seals, 2RS type contact rubber seals...
The main problem is load and limited speed of bearings... closest I can find is at SKF web site:
just paste 6205-2rz in "product search"
About Hybrid deep groove ball bearings - Sealed and greased-for-life bearings have a look at:

Good luck ;)

Gerald D Wed 07 April 2010 07:59

Marius, I think your bearing is 6205 2RZ TN9, which should not be too difficult to find.

gixi Mon 02 July 2012 06:17

Bearing nightmare...
Hy everybody !
It's time for some feedback regarding the spindle.
One month ago I took off the spindle bearings in order to get new ones.
Seems easy but is not.
Finding the bearings 6205 2RSL TN9/C3 and 6202 2RSL TN9/C3 it became a nightmare. Now I sent a message to the Italian dealer (from were I bought the spindle), hoping he can send me other bearings or something compatible from another manufacturer.
For the moment the only option are SKF 6205-2RSLTN9/HC5C3WT and this is a ceramic one. The price for the small one is 70euro and for the big one 97euro, plus VAT the result is that I'm very close to buy a new spindle. The spindle was 340euro...

WTI Thu 05 July 2012 14:38

The ceramic bearings should last much longer than the steel ones, but like you said, you could buy another whole router for a similar price.

Even some good German or Japanese steel bearings are going last much longer than the Chinese steel originals.

Those are both very common bearings and hopefully you can find some better quality NSK or SKF steel ones with a little more searching. Here in the USA those bearings are in stock at any local bearing shop.

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