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Wayne Webb Wed 23 October 2013 15:04

Skate rail grinding question
I have my "skake" rail grinder set up and am trying to bevel some 3/16" x1.5" cold rolled steel. It worked fine on one side but when I flipped it over to do the other edge, the grindewr wheel appears to have "glazed" and isn't cutting any more. Should I be using a more coarse wheel? Here is my setup...

I am using a Dewalt 3402 grind wheel. Dewalt

Alan_c Wed 23 October 2013 15:23

See here, read all the way to the end...

Wayne Webb Wed 23 October 2013 15:35

The good cutting disks are by Pferd - ask them for the thin Inox (Stainless Steel) disks.
Also, I can see where lowering the front edge will help. Will try this tomorrow. Thanks!!

Red_boards Wed 23 October 2013 17:25

Sandpaper's the duck's nuts

smreish Thu 24 October 2013 07:45

Sanding disk, then "tip-the-skate" to prevent glazing.

Wayne Webb Thu 24 October 2013 08:38

About all I see here are "flap disks", is this what you mean?

dbinokc Thu 24 October 2013 16:06

I am at the same stage myself of being ready to cut/bevel my rails. Unfortunately I can't seem to find what I need. If someone could point out something on, that would be perfect. Both for the cutter and the grinder/sandpaper disk.

Red_boards Thu 24 October 2013 18:17

Just use sandpaper made for grinder sized disks. 4" diameter paper with a center hole should be in the hardware store. here's an example

Put the sandpaper on top of a grinding disk to support it. Do light passes with heavy grit sandpaper to take off bulk of steel, then go through progressively milder grits.

Flap disks have a bevel of their own that may make it difficult to figure the correct angle. I use flap disks for cleaning up steel and sometimes cleaning up welds.

MetalHead Mon 28 October 2013 11:16

Looks like I need to make another kit!!

Mrayhursh Mon 28 October 2013 17:05

I like Spiders not Skates
Mike did you get my order for the spider?

MetalHead Mon 28 October 2013 19:05

Yep - Shipping tomorrow .

Wayne Webb Thu 21 November 2013 14:40

I bought a cheap $2.99 disc backer from Harbor Freight and a pack of their 36grit, resin coated 4 1/2" sanding disks. The unit chucked right onto my dewalt grinder pretty as you please and I have already beveled 72' of rail (144' of bevel) and am still using the first sanding disk. It's alot better quality than I expected for sure. I have 24' of v groove to go then I'll switch back to a grinding disk and hone them a little more. I already have the drill press tuned and ready to drill the mounting holes. Thanks for the tip guys!

smreish Thu 21 November 2013 18:26

....Told ya'll :0

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