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RyanCaleb Thu 07 September 2017 07:21

First pc build, freezing before OS installs. Memory problem?

Motherboard: Gigabyte AMD F2A68HM-H
Multicore CPU: AMD Athlon X4 860K
SSD, Memory: Adata 120 GB Ssd
Graphics Card: XFX Radeon R7 360 by AMD
RAM: Dataram 8Gb
in Rosewill Ultra High Gloss Finished MicroATX Computer Case with 400W ATX 2.2 12V Power Supply, Black R363-M-BK

So, opened BIOS and I saw RAM was there, temp was reading, all the fans were running. I have a USB for Windows and another for Memest. I try to install Windows 10 and it freezes before making it to the purple screen of country selection and whatnot. I run Memtest and it comes back with over 5000 errors. I switch the RAM to the other slot, try Memtest again, but it freezes. I try again, it fails to complete Memtest before freezing. Persist in trying to install Windows 10 and i get this error code 0xC0000221. Something about memory being damaged or missing?

The motherboard was having troubles when intially installing it, maybe that is damaged? It opens BIOS just fine. Do i need different RAM stick? Different Motherboard?

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MetalHead Wed 13 September 2017 05:28

Is this new? Did you source all the parts from one source?

ifffff Fri 15 September 2017 01:57

I dont see on motherboard ram support list any memory modules named dataram

alanrogger007 Sun 28 July 2019 23:18

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