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ilmataat Thu 11 July 2013 12:32

Settings problem???
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Hey for everybody.

I hope someone can help me.

I have problem whit mine cuting result. If i want to cut rectangle result is:

1. Starting conner:
2. Oposite side

For eny arc or circle dont have this kind problem, but if program starts the tool is not in correct deepth before x and y axis started moving.

I tested for diffrent feed rates but nothing chance.

It can't be in g-code. beacuse if i use mach3 surfacing wizard. there is same problem.

Gerald D Thu 11 July 2013 14:22

Second picture tells me you have a gear that is loose on the shaft.

ilmataat Thu 11 July 2013 14:36

No i checked this, gears are tightily on a shaft. And this is not possible beacuse this mistake exsist every time.

I don't understand why x and y axis starting move but z axis is not in right deep, tool arhives right deep't about 20 mm after starting point.

I think, maybe i have wrong settings in mach3

bradm Thu 11 July 2013 16:00

Ivo, check those gears again, very carefully. Gerald is very, very good at photo analysis, and your symptom is very common, and has fooled many people who eventually discovered that there really was a loose pinion. It is possible, and typical for this error to be highly repeatable - same every time.

danilom Thu 11 July 2013 16:08

Corner rounding also can mean you have among loose gear a small acceleration. CV tries to keep constant speed so it rounds the corner. Try Exact Stop in general config or get acc up.

ilmataat Thu 11 July 2013 23:20

You mean this, i have to change acceleration higher in motor turning options? not in general config? i don't see there eny oppurturnity to change acceleration.

Put How high this acceleration must be. i have 69.976 steps per, velosity 7002 mm/m, acceleration is 29.175 mm/s Is it to low?

Gerald D Fri 12 July 2013 00:23

You probably have two problems, mechanical and settings.

The bottom half of the bottom picture shows a "wobble" or a "bounce" and that is impossible to be settings or software. Typical when coming out of a corner and the direction of forces on the cutter have changed, making a gear to decide to vibrate loose and move to the other side of the freedom/backlash/play that it has. You can only find that play if you switch on the motors and turn the gear with heavy pliers.

danilom Fri 12 July 2013 02:21

Ivo... put velocity somewhere in the range from 500 - 800 for start 29 is incredibly low if you are using milimeters

ilmataat Fri 12 July 2013 11:10

Thanks for evrybody. Problem is solved.

Accleration speed was too low, like danilom say's.

Thank you

danilom Fri 12 July 2013 11:25

Show us some pictures of something you cut, we all enjoy seeing those pictures along those when something is wrong :)

Tom Ayres Fri 12 July 2013 19:44

Yeah, make an example of you.:D

ilmataat Mon 15 July 2013 23:05

2 Attachment(s)
Before: lleft pic(Acceleration speed is very low compared velocity speed)

After: Right pic(balanced acceleration speed whit velocity speed)

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