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SteveE Sun 29 March 2009 10:33

Y-Rail Distance
I went the aluminum rail and V Track route with my MechMate. I've finished welding up the gantry and the car. I'm in the process of mounting the aluminum/V track rails on the gantry. With the aluminum having a 1/2"(+) overhang(so I can mount the spur track under it), the distance between the V track point is roughly 21 inches. With the rollers mounted in the car using just a washer as a shim, the distance between the roller valleys is roughly 22 inches. Using washers as shims for test fit, it looks like I will need shim spacers of 5/8" to get the V bearings correctly placed over the V track. Does this sound out of the ordinary? Or could I extend the aluminum overhang of the gantry rails to more like 3/4"(+)?

Other than that, all is going well, table is almost done and electronics are on the way...


Gerald D Sun 29 March 2009 14:48

Extend the alu overhang as far as possible. (more than 3/4")

If you don't do this, the pinion gear cannot reach to the rack before it falls off the short shaft of the motor.

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