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Anscheepers Sun 25 February 2018 01:04

Will these motors work?
Hey Guys

I can get these motors locally very easily and cheaply.

I would use them with a belt drive reduction gearbox.

Will they work on the mechmate? Any concerns?

danilom Sun 04 March 2018 16:05

These are great and I use them all the time, just use at least 60V power supply and a suitable drive. You are good to go.

Anscheepers Sun 04 March 2018 22:41

Thanks Danilo

I was thinking of using an 80v supply.

danilom Tue 06 March 2018 20:29

80V might be too much , its also limit for most drives so you should keep it a bit lower. Using 65V I got all the performance needed and you can also confirm in couple of topics here on forum that this is enough voltage for many motors.

ifffff Fri 09 March 2018 13:10

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I see problem on picture. Motor schaft dont have wedge groove, it has partly milled down. How you gonna fix there gear wheel so that it has no backlash?
Attachment 16244

danilom Fri 09 March 2018 14:58

With two set screws , I never used wedge on shaft for these small gears. Yes its more secure but its more difficult to machine it. Two set screws 90 degree apart or grub screws secure it more than enough.

ifffff Sat 10 March 2018 03:10

This Taper Lock still needs for fixing wedge and matching groove on motor schaft. I dont believe that it is holding itself on place without it.

Using only set screws may be possible on smaller motors, but not on MM scale cnc. So is saying experience.

danilom Sun 11 March 2018 06:18

I think you are over engineering this simple part , and I think that I have enough experience from building and being involved in making 7 Mechmates and many other machines.

Using wedge is ok if you can machine it on the pulley, using taper lock pulley is ok if you can afford it and find a small one enough to have 20 teeth on motor and a 14mm hole for motor shaft. But the taper lock and a wedge, I cant see a way for a stepper to overcome that much force.

The HTD taper lock catalog seen on the link is useless, smallest pulley is the range of 50mm , how large would the belt reduction be? or how large would a gear need to be to use taper lock.

On my Z axis with 5kw spindle which weights 50kg using a jaw coupler with collar tightening screw there is no way for a Nema34 stepper to overcome the force.

This is the last from me on this subject. I use these identical motors and have installed more than 50 of them.

ifffff Sun 11 March 2018 07:00

I have seen / built too "some" machines and i think i have enough experience. No doubt, that i am overengineering that simple assembly. But i better are overengineering it - as it costs almost nothing too - when i have joint what may have on some nice day backlash and may cost to me buy ruining job maybe some thousands of euros. There is the point.

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