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Gerald_D Sat 04 November 2006 08:22

Rack and Pinion Suppliers: Outside the USA
Our gear pinions and racks come from Chiaravalli Trasmissioni S.p.A. in Italy via a local stockist. See Spurgears and Racks on this page. Good chance they have a stockist in your country. Look for module 1 (small teeth) and 2m long (or longer) racks. All in steel. My price here is about $20 for a 2m length of rack and $2 for a 23 tooth pinion gear.

If you contact them, they might tell you if they have a stockist in your country.

Greg Holt Wed 15 November 2006 04:28

I am looking to build a scaled down Mechmate, or very similar to it. X-1200 Y-900 (I think)

Localy (Australia) I can get rack 12.7mm wide at module 1.5 or .5" wide at 16 pitch off the shelf. Both are 20 degree and mild steel.

Greg Holt Thu 16 November 2006 03:29

I've asked Chiaravalli by email if they have a distributor in Aus. but no answer.

Mcaster Carr won't sell to us here.

Gerald_D Thu 16 November 2006 04:42

Cape Town is only the 3rd or 4th biggest industrial city in South Africa, yet I have a choice of 3 gear/rack stockists. None of them are listed in any directory as gear/rack suppliers, but they are all listed as sprocket/chain suppliers - maybe the same situation applies there? Grab the Yellow Pages and look for power transmission, conveyors, material handling component suppliers. If someone tells you they don't have what you are looking for, that is a golden opportunity to ask them to suggest someone else. That's why I like shopping by phone, rather than "mailorder", you get these references of who does what.

Greg Holt Thu 16 November 2006 13:44

Thanks very much for the advice Gerald

I will cast my net a bit wider.

phil bizley Wed 28 March 2007 12:23

Gerald, i have got my racks from and thought they would be module 1. I had purchased mod 1 pinions here in the UK.but they are wrong size. i sent an email to Tim at standard steel asking him what module he had sent me and this is what he said ( Your racks are 20 diametral pitch. That is equivalent to a 1.27 modular. Pressure angle is 20 degrees.)so what i need to no is what do i ask for when ordering the pinions.Phil

Gerald_D Wed 28 March 2007 12:39

That is an unpleasant surprise

They sent you inch-based racks while you have millimeter-based pinions. You need to find an "Olde English" style gear now - the stuff that was freely available in the UK before it metricated.

The three key parameters are:
a. "20 diametral pitch" or "20 DP" for short
b. Pressure angle 20 degrees, or "20o PA" for short
c. Number of teeth probably 20. Sometimes "Z=20"

The fact that a "20" appears in each of those 3 parameters is pure coincidence - they have nothing to do with each other.

Your pinion supplier should have no trouble identifying the 20 DP because it is commonly needed for spare parts for older UK machinery.

A possible snag is that most of the Olde English was 14.5 degree pressure angle, but it is important to match the pressure angles correctly.

Hopefully your racks are 1/2" [12.7mm] wide? There is some 3/8" stuff floating around, but this is slightly too light.

Gerald_D Wed 28 March 2007 12:47

Muffet Gears of Tunbridge Wells, Kent have the right spec for 1/2" wide (catalog page). That was my first google hit - there must be quite a few more UK suppliers.

Davall of Hatfield, Hertfordshire have the 3/8" wide (catalog page)

phil bizley Wed 28 March 2007 13:19

Thanks for the info Gerald.yes mine are 1/2".I will get intouch with them tomorrow. Should i go for 20 teeth. Phil

Gerald_D Wed 28 March 2007 13:27

20 teeth is a popular choice because it is the smallest gear possible on a 1/2" shaft. It gives you the highest resolution (steps per inch). However, if you have high'ish ratio gearbox on the motor (more than 5:1) then you can make the pinion a bit bigger to give a smoother engagement and longer life. Doc Tanner is very happy with his Z=30 pinions on 7.2:1 gearboxes.

phil bizley Wed 28 March 2007 13:48

i was hoping to go direct that ok with the 20 teeth pinion.

Gerald_D Wed 28 March 2007 23:00

Yes, 20 teeth (Z=20) is the most practical for direct drive.

In German, a tooth is a Zahn, a dentist is a Zahnarts. This is where the Z comes from. (All nouns are capitalized in German)

slopesoar50 Sun 11 November 2007 17:16

Phil how is your build progressing?
I am at the pondering stage at the moment and trying to get a handle on availability and cost of parts. I looked in the HPC Gears catalogue and found their Budget Steel spur Rack, module 1, about 12mm sq and 2000mm long is £70 per length and their Commercial Rack is £99 per 1828mm length. 20 tooth Budget Steel Spur Gear £6 each. All the foregoing in Steel C45/080 M40/ En8.

They also offer Standard Duty 20 tooth Spur Gears in Steel 214M15/045M15 at £9.15 or Heavy Duty in 817M40(En24) or 655M13 (En36) at £11.42 each.

This seems much more expensive than $ prices quoted for USA. How does this compare to what you found?

Viperia Mon 07 January 2008 04:07

Where in Europe would one buy the gears and rack of good quality and price? I looked on HPC Gears stuff and they can supply from what i see the racks and gears. Link to HPC:

Any one tried their stuff or can tell me what of their racks and gears i should look at, since they got a budget series and a more expensive series of stuff. So someone with more knowledge maybe can give me a hint on which rack“s and gear“s i should take a closer look on?


DMS Mon 07 January 2008 09:02

I have repetedly asked for quotes from
for 200010 - 3 pcs. and
200011 - 2 pcs. ( shipment via USPS/UPS to India)
but no reply, can someone help ? or any cheaper source ?

Kevin Mon 07 January 2008 09:18

I talked to Tim of Std Steel last week... They are a Large manufactuer of rack gears and the little orders are difficult for them... They have now gone to a $40.00 west of the Missippippi and $30 east standard shipping charge... This covers up to 24 pieces...

I sent a check for 8 pieces last Friday

That is $24.80 each 6' leingth X 8 pieces + $40.00 shipping

Maybe someone here in the states can help you out... I have never shipped anything out of the states and have no idea how it is done or the cost... I bet it is expensive!!!


sailfl Mon 07 January 2008 09:18


I will be happy to call them and get back with you on a price.

What length do you want of each.


UPS will only accept 108"


DMS Mon 07 January 2008 09:39


200010 is 49" ( x3 pcs)
200011 is 73" (x2 pcs)

i.e. Max length is only 73".


sailfl Mon 07 January 2008 09:57


I don't know what I was thinking when I asked the question.

So I called them and here is what I found out.

200010 cost $15.30 for each unit.
200011 cost $24.80 for each unit.

The reason they have not responded to you is because they do not ship out side the USA. It is too much trouble for them.

To ship the units to some one in the Eastern part of USA cost $30 by UPS.

If you can work out how you would pay for them and there isn't going to be an export problem, you could have them shipped to myself or some one else and we could ship them to you.

Before that happens, lets see if someone in another country has a source that might be closer to India.

Gearld might be able to help you.

Let me know what you think.


DMS Mon 07 January 2008 10:17

Thanks Nils,
Work on that and let you know.
These are cheaper and better one.

javeria Tue 08 January 2008 09:49


May be you can get them cut at a nearby gear cutting shop, I think I spent around 300USD for the rack and pinion may be a bit more, but it is a lot less hassle than to get it around from USA.

Shipping is really prohibitive.

Search around your city or surrounding city, probably many in gujrat side do a plenty for cheap, who knows U may end up sourcing it cheaper, I felt I got cheated with the racks so U be careful , its easily available all over india, its not a good idea to get it from States.


DMS Wed 23 January 2008 06:39


I am getting quotes for Racks and Pinions -

Rack of 1 module 15mm X 15mm
Materail EN-8,
Racks non hardened.

Pinion of materail EN-24, duly hardened and two tapped holes
1. 20 teeth, 1 module - 1no. (for Z)
2. 30teeth, 1.5 module - 3no. (for X & Y)

As I don't understand about material -

- is it good combination materialwise?
- Should Racks be also hardened as Pinion? (You said in a thread that Racks need not hardened as they have more teeth to wear.)
- is both Pinion module (1 & 1.5) Right ?
- is Pinion teeth combination is Right for x y & z. (inspired by Doc Tanner/for PK296A2A-SG7.2)


Gerald D Wed 23 January 2008 08:29

Sharma, there is something wrong with the teeth numbers and modules in your list. But, let us start at the beginning,......what motors are you using? Direct drive?

DMS Wed 23 January 2008 08:52

Geared PK296A2A-SG7.2

Gerald D Wed 23 January 2008 09:35

The recommended gears for those motors, using the metric system, is for all 4 pinion gears to be 36 tooth, module 1. (There is no reason for the Z to have a smaller gear. Module 1.5 gear will not run on module 1 rack)

The materials you mention are standard and okay.

Gears hardened, racks not hardened.

DMS Wed 23 January 2008 17:53

Thanks Gerald,


edmond Sat 09 August 2008 09:11

Rack and Pinion Suppliers: Outside the USA

I am looking for a Cape Town supplier in SA for the rack and pinion for the MechMate.
Can I still use the Module 1 units with 20 T pinions, I will be gearing the steppers with a 4:1 ratio with timing belts and pulleys will that work ok.

Gerald D Sat 09 August 2008 09:37

Technisales or Nusaf (Nusaf can get 2meter rack lengths)

For module 1 metric, the smallest practical pinion is 24 tooth to fit on a 12mm shaft end.

4:1 belt reduction will work well.

Welcome to the forum!

edmond Sat 09 August 2008 11:20

Hi Gerald

Thanks for the quick reply. I am in the planning stages of building a 4 x 8 foot Mechmate.I have sent Nusaf an email for a quote.:)

Alan_c Sat 09 August 2008 11:56

Welcome Edmond

How is your other machine operating? If going to the Mechmate, why not go for a 9'x6' size, the steel cost is not much more and that size is much more versatile.

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