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Antonio Lima Sun 15 January 2017 17:10

Another MM is born !!! #128 - São Paulo BR
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Hello everyone!

I am from São Paulo Brazil, I work for thirteen years in the furniture industry.
Four years ago I started researching the construction of a CNC router, started building my Mechmate in January 2016, the mechanical part is already finished
and I'm getting some electronics now.

Cutting area X2600 Y1700 mm.

Kornerking Sun 15 January 2017 17:37

We shall watch your progress.

sierra347 Sat 21 January 2017 18:20

Everything looks great, you'll be cutting in no time.

MetalHead Sat 21 January 2017 19:17


Looking great !!

IamDave Thu 27 April 2017 20:45

Very Nice Looking rig

Antonio Lima Thu 11 May 2017 18:24

Thanks everyone!

Antonio Lima Thu 11 May 2017 18:39

Finally it's time to have some fun.
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Next weekend I will work hard on the project and soon I will share new photos with the assembly details.

Antonio Lima Tue 01 August 2017 18:13

Good news
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I finished the assembly and alignment for at least two months. The panel box is small but, everything is working.
Despite the warnings, I set up the frequency inverter inside the panel, did several tests and still had no problems.

Antonio Lima Tue 01 August 2017 18:20

First cuts
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Cut 54 circles Ø900x9mm MDF, are not all in the picture.

Antonio Lima Tue 01 August 2017 18:53

Another test
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Cutting corian®, some images about cut quality.
The cut is slightly serrated, the results are satisfactory for the cutting of wood in general. The groove in the picture is 6x3mm.

Antonio Lima Tue 01 August 2017 19:14

RC motor cowl
Manufacturing a RC airplane motor cowl mold.

The video link,

Thanks everyone.

MarkRH Wed 02 August 2017 01:58

Congrats Antonio, must be nice to see it cut the first time!
Are you using direct Drive? And mach3?

Antonio Lima Wed 02 August 2017 17:21

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I'm using Mach3 and direct drive.
Mach3 Version R3.041
Rack and Pinion module 1

The machine works smooth, fast and continuous. Do not stop while running the lines.

Antonio Lima Wed 02 August 2017 18:15

Machine and parts configuration.
Cutting area - 2600x1700 millimeters
Rack - module 1
Pinion - module 1 (Z24 teeth)
Laser cutting and folding - (Osasco-São Paulo - Brazil)
Bearing RM3ZZ / W3 - Chinese

Electrical and electronic parts:

Power supply of the control box - 220v
Step Motors - Nema 34 Model (KML092-F07F), wiring in series (without reduction gears)
Drivers - Gecko G201x
Toroidal Transformer - 560VA (80V 7A)
Breakout board - CNC MACH3 USB 4 Axis 100KHz USBCNC Smooth Stepper Motion Controller (Chinese)
Spinlde - Model Tecmaf TFS.3Z3M.01 / 2200KW (3HP) ER20
Frequency Inverter - WEG CFW300

Limit switches and buttons, operate with 12V power supply

MetalHead Thu 03 August 2017 14:58

Congrats on your build!! You get #128 - Hope this inspires all those watchers out there to get moving a build their own MechMate !!

jhiggins7 Fri 04 August 2017 05:35

Congratulations, Antonio, on earning Serial #128. Here is the Updated Builder's Log. Please check your entry for any changes you would like to make.

lonestaral Fri 04 August 2017 19:39

Well done #128.
Have fun.

Antonio Lima Sun 06 August 2017 19:11

Thanks Gerald, Mike for the number, John # 26 to update builders log, To Al # 114, and the other members of the best forum about router cnc in the internet. I will put the number in the machine.

Thanks so much!

Antonio Lima Mon 14 May 2018 08:08

One more job with Mechmate.
Custom guitar PRS 22 frets for left-handed.

IamDave Mon 14 May 2018 16:46

Nice. That is awesome.

oficina do corten Wed 03 October 2018 14:45

Congratulations - grande trabalho, uma inspiração!
Congrats! VERY NICE JOB, a real inspiration for us brazilian fans of the Mechmate. After this I have to restart my project.:o

racedirector Thu 04 October 2018 03:46

Congrats on 128, you should be proud of your work.

Real nice job on the guitar, one of those is on my list of things to do.

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