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hevertg Thu 18 July 2013 20:31

Welding Up The Table!- Maracaibo, Venezuela
hello, greetings MechMate lovers. excellent forum not stop reading, I'm from Venezuela and empese and buying parts,

yesterday buy the rack and pinion Module 1.0 8 mtrs in total cost me 529 dollars in canada buy them in this store:

next week I'll be buying the engine and driver: the engine is this and chose the driver:

NEMA34 640 oz-in Stepper Motor 4.5A (KL34H280-45-4A)
Gecko G203V Stepper Driver 80V, 7A


please if you have some recommendations for me, I beg the help.

preferably paypal payments, currently HAVE A 1200 dollars to buy the driver and motor

my project with MechMate is create one that can use it with: rauter plasma cutter.

greetings to all the forum especially the forum Gerald_D excellent job creator friend, and I have time for here, did not have the money for expensive invercion is right now in my country, but I can and I started already.

thanks hope some comments that might help me at hello.

pardon my English use a translator

isladelobos Mon 22 July 2013 13:09

Felicidades por ese comienzo, me apunto a seguirte en tu construcción.

Como puedes ver yo tengo la mía under construction desde hace miles de años, a ver si le doy un empujon.

Supuestamente tu mesa es de 3x2 metros


parrulho Mon 22 July 2013 13:46

Pa'lante maracucho :)

if you need help I'm in Curacao, next you

paulus Mon 22 July 2013 14:57

Hi hevert
Welcom and you will have a lot of fun building the MM


hevertg Mon 22 July 2013 17:43

erga ahora es que hay de los nuestros por aqui, jajaja

isladelobos yo tambien tengo rato tratando pero sabras con es la cosa aqui en venezuela con los dolares jajaja, si quiero una grande
parrulho panita y tu tienes MM? que compraste por venezuela? en bolivares jajaja, me avisas si hay algo para comprarlo de una.
paulus ty

bueno yo ya empese a comprar partes ya me compre los rack y pinon que costaron como 570 dolares en canada, ahora voy por los motores y los Gecko G203V pero estoy esperando que paypal me permita comprar no he confirmado las tarjetas se tarda aveces. bueno muchachos saludos

hevertg Tue 30 July 2013 10:55

hello, greetings, please'm buying today the engines, but I hesitate queiro help me to choose the engines. I can not buy me the 7.2 are very expensive for me. but I can buy these:

whom I recommend them? I buy them? I want to learn to pick my engines, but do not understand many things even though I read a lot in the forum, if someone gives me an instruction I would read all the to to understand for myself and to help others in the forum, greetings hope can help.

isladelobos Tue 30 July 2013 16:36


Motors & their mountings

I have the motionKing motors.

sailfl Tue 30 July 2013 17:11

I have the more expensive motors but I would buy the motionking motors and build belt drives.

hevertg Sun 11 August 2013 21:32

good, buy you steel this week to start working with my MM, future numbers? lol, I will try to be as accurate as possible to the original, I did some drawings that are perfect for construction because you can take action and everything. Google SketchUp is very good.

I have the files in Google SketchUp if somebody wants me know

parrulho Mon 12 August 2013 00:33

looks good.

hevertg Wed 14 August 2013 20:02

hello sir, I tell her as I go with my purchases:
I bought all this: PS-8n63, PMDX 122 34HS9801, rack and pinion, laser cuts mike, gecko drive 203V, Spindle 2.2, 3:1 gear XL, I can buy you more than I need?

hevertg Thu 15 August 2013 23:27

hello, I need help, I can use UPN 240mm Beam profile for rails X?

KenC Thu 15 August 2013 23:54

If you are buying from Deitech, do get extra length of rack. You might have to discard 2~3inches of the ends. Even so, its still a bargain...

hevertg Fri 16 August 2013 00:08

10 10 320
Originally Posted by KenC View Post
If you are buying from Deitech, do get extra length of rack. You might have to discard 2~3inches of the ends. Even so, its still a bargain...
hello friend, do not speak of the rack, and buy 7.5 meters, I'm talking big steel rails October 10 320.
in my country it is difficult to find 10 10 320 steel. I found one but 3000mm * 240mm * 75mm, if that's okay? or is very heavy and big?

hevertg Fri 06 September 2013 18:59

hello, greetings where I can buy these screws

KenC Sat 07 September 2013 00:58

Nothing wrong with 75x240x300mm. Some of us here like it big and heavy.

Is that for the W-wheel? Is it a screw with built in concentric bush? You can use the if you like but a simple screw works just fine.

hevertg Sat 07 September 2013 10:18

hi ken, thanks for your answer, if I have the opportunity to put a single screw, but I want to be more Cadre, I would buy those screws, just not where to buy them? you can say that I find? I have searched a lot.

Is that for the W-wheel? yes

hevertg Thu 14 November 2013 10:14


greetings, people MecheMate. my toys are arriving to start divercion lol

where you can find information on how to connect:

PMDX 122 + 34SH9801 + G203V + PS8N63R12

Please need help

hevertg Thu 14 November 2013 10:28


parrulho Thu 14 November 2013 16:34

Hevert, it's all on plans and here at the forum. send me an email with your questions and I'll help you (in spanish).


hevertg Wed 27 November 2013 15:21

MechMate Hello friends, I'm in my test control box, but I have a problem and my 34HS9801 8 wire motors: Amariya, blue, green, orange, red, white, black, brown. ok in the planes of the MM, connect (Red and Yellow Phase A + A-phase) (Black and Orange Phase B + Phase B-) ... Now what to do with the other 4 wires: Blue, White, Brown, and Green?

hevertg Wed 27 November 2013 16:23

hevertg Wed 27 November 2013 16:25

Help is well connected?

just to test that everything works

Tom Ayres Fri 29 November 2013 21:50

Looks like you need your resistors on the geckos and you have a look at your other 4 wires on the steppers, how are they to be wired? Bi-polar series, bi-polar parallel or unipolar, you will have to pair them properly, its the set up you used to help you choose the power supply. I haven't really looked at the other wiring.

hevertg Sat 30 November 2013 21:50

hello tom: half coil

had an error with the black wire, and change it to white, it caught all good, but when you connect the parallel port, the plate 122 pmdx led all turned dull, turn it off and went back to fast on and lit a fire ship in the plate

and i do not know why I spend so conctado if everything was ok, the problem arose when connecting the cable from the parallel port,

has the parallel port cable original cable some different settings?

I probe the small connector db25 pin 20 and all had good continuity.

I could go there?

two images: 1 all working, and the other the ship burned.

Tom Ayres Sat 30 November 2013 22:11

Are you saying that your board burned up? that wouldn't be good. In the picture of posting #23 I see no resistors on the gecko drives, have you put the resistors on? Does the PMDX 122 have a 'test mode' you can run? If it does you will want to run it first before connecting to the computer. I have the PMDX 126 which does have a test mode set up. Find the wiring diagram for the steppers and wire them accordingly. 2nd or 3rd posting down. Good luck.

hevertg Sat 30 November 2013 22:44



if he seems the pmdx 122 is burned, if the resistance be installing the morning, pmdx 122 has test mode? I do not know friend, you know how? of 8 cables connected only have 4 in this image: a-a / / b-b, red and yellow .. white and orange

Tom Ayres Sun 01 December 2013 06:14

If you have 8 wires, pair them like the first image, if you have only 4 wires then they will likely be directly connected to the drivers.

Your manual for the board should have the information about test mode(s) if any available.

Page 6 of your manual shows an example set up, that's all I can recommend for the board to drivers connections, like I said, I do not have the 122. If all does not work, you may need a new board.

You will have to look at the geckos for the resistor values, the steppers help determine the amperage required to operate properly. Again I did not use geckos so you will have to find the information throughout the forum, in your manual, or on a support website. Sorry but I can not help you on this part.

hevertg Sun 08 December 2013 20:21

starting cuts for my MechMate, I hope to finish it quickly, I'll be putting pictures of my progress

will of 3100 x 2200[IMG]
Fair cut
I LTD50 LOTOS Plasma Cutter, very good

Tom Ayres Mon 09 December 2013 03:14

That's a nice clean cut. Keep up the good work.

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