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thesaent14 Tue 11 September 2007 20:46

My introduction - the first scary steps - Miami Florida
well i will try to first apologize to Gerald i got him mad the other day sorry about that to this i will add English is not my first language my first is Spanish and is really hart to translate and trying to get the point across

OK now to the introduction my name is Manny and i am in Miami Florida i have being looking to built a machine i love to diy most of what i can and this is a good project to start i have a small machine but my dream is to have a large cutting area machine with this said i will need lots of help BTW i am looking for links to show me what is the best way to built it i will love to read about other people experiences how they start and how they finish and get lots of ideas so i can built my machine in the best way possible i am not trying to be lazy but if some one know where i can get most of the parts pre cut
l really appreciated this is what i was trying to say before is really hard to get laser cut around here that will be my only obstacle

thanks to all


thesaent14 Tue 11 September 2007 20:53

secund post

i am totally new at this

this shoult get me start it on my quest for the machine

some Q?

how many motors (stepers o servos)

i have a set of xylotex 495oz or somting like that does this work o i have to buy new ones

thanks and sorry for my english ones more

Doug_Ford Tue 11 September 2007 21:13

The Mechmate uses 4 stepper motors. 2 on the X axis, one on the Y axis, and one on the Z axis. Although some of the guys on this site may have servo motors on their other machines, the Mechmate is set up to use steppers. Also, the Gecko stepper drivers and the PMDX breakout board we use on the Mechmate are designed for steppers. I'm certainly no expert on CNC but from what I've read, generally servos spin faster than steppers. That makes them better suited for lead screws unless you plan to use a gear box on each motor to slow them down. The Mechmate uses a gear rack and pinion gears rather than lead screws. In order to adapt the Mechmate to lead screws so you could use servo motors, it would take some serious redesigning.

What I'm trying to say is that you probably won't find much servo expertise in this forum because that's not what we use.

thesaent14 Tue 11 September 2007 21:17

thanks for your reply doug ford
i have a machine witch i am planing to take a part this machine have vexta motor the problem is i see in the pics the vexta are 2-phase my are 5-phase

is any of this my xylotec or the vexta showl get me starit or i will sale them to get the motors i need for my machine


Marc Shlaes Tue 11 September 2007 21:17


Let me add my "Welcome."

A little background: I have conducted a lot of business in many parts of the world with many cultures so I can certainly appreciate the language difficuties. Keep trying and it will prove worthwhile. I can tell you for sure that there are a great number of people here in this forum that know much, much more than I do. I can also say that the willingness to answer "dumb" questions and explain the answers in a way that the new guy can understand is fantastic. When my machine is cutting wood, I will owe these people a lot. Now I can speak only for myself but I do know that I had read every single word available on this forum, sometimes 3 or 4 times before I ever made my first post. I understand that it is more difficult now for you for two reasons. 1) There is so much more information here now than there was even 3 months ago - and - 2) It is in English (my native language). However, the answers to each of your questions are already well described in the various sections of the forum.

Now I think I have also probably asked questions that have already been answered because I couldn't figure out where to look. So I'm certainly not perfect. But, when you spend the time exploring the forum, I guarantee that you will agree that it is time well spent.

We all hope that someday we can even out the equation where we give at least equal to what we have taken. Good luck in your MechMate adventure.

Just my thoughts.


Gerald D Tue 11 September 2007 21:56

Welcome back Manny. You have proved your committment and that you really want to build this machine. Sorry again for my irritation the other day.

You can get a set of precut laser parts by following this thread: Sourcing a set of laser cut steel components to build the MechMate in the General Forum. Donald Neisler is the only guy offering a kit of lasered parts in the USA. There are links to him in that thread.

If you can find the specifications of your motors, then we could offer better advice about them. The motor discussion is here: Selecting motors for the MechMate

WTI Wed 12 September 2007 00:21

You could sell your old motors and controllers on E bay. It is amazing what some of that stuff ends up going for on there.

Welcome aboard!

thesaent14 Sat 15 September 2007 10:06

thanks guys to the replies i will be ordering the motors Gerald recommends now i have to decide on power supply for them any body have try a good one any ideas


Gerald D Sat 15 September 2007 11:35

The front page of this forum is laid out like the parts of a CNC router table. There is a section called "702. Power Supplies" at

In there are sub-forums for buying and building your own.

Greg J Sat 15 September 2007 18:46

Thesaent14 (you'll have to explain that Moniker some time :) ).


They are very helpful, have good pricing, and ... well ... that's where I bought my powersupply.


Bill McGuire Sun 16 September 2007 12:04

"thanks guys to the replies i will be ordering the motors Gerald recommends now i have to decide on power supply for them any body have try a good one any ideas "

Manny: I am wondering... If your current CNC is working, have you checked to see just how much cutting power it has and the speed it will travel in the x y axis? It may be that if you are only interested in increasing the size of your machine and not concerned about the extra power (you'll have to pay attention to the extra weight of the steel), your motors and electronics will suffice for the time being.

Perhaps you could utilize your matching motors for the dual drive carriage and just have to buy a fourth one for the z axis. If you do this, you will have to think seriously about how new motors (if you purchase them later on) will fit without a multitude of changes which would be expensive.

Just a thought...
Bill McGuire

thesaent14 Sun 16 September 2007 14:01

hey bill i am using my machine now it works really good but i really will like to expand to a 4X8 machine i have the vexta drives already i actually have 4 they are all the same models #udx5128na the difference are the motors they are all 5-phase but different sizes i have note is it doesn't mater the motors as long they are vexta the drive will move them my machine runs really smooth with this drives what i don't know is if i can get the motors and use my drives like that i will save a ton of money i don't mind getting motors with the gear box and make it work with the vexta drives i also have a set of xylotex 430oz or something like that if i can find the way to make them work ill try if not they will be going in the eBay way lol

greg i use thesaent14 for many years now lol i love the movies of the saint and 14 is my first daughters bday since she was borne i am using the user name for everything online

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